guess who?! [4/03/15]
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guess who?! [4/03/15]

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this used to be one of three wip thread I had but I decided since I am back and have a lot of stuff I am working on at once I would just start posting them all here. I didn't want to make threads for every fig. please peruse and leave comments feed back and praise and criticism as I love to hear what everyone thinks and have learned a lot for the people on here! after frank here it will all be as I go. thanks for looking in advanced!

this fig is my fav so far. it took a lot to make work...but I'm more happy the more I do. Comments and criticism welcome please.
been out awhile but I'm back!

side shot

top shot

final piping of the collar


more piping

adding piping

custom revolver build.

shoulder pads

shoulder pads back

shoulder pads top

custom mortar cannon (dremeled out a hole so you can load the shell)

custom belt

custom belt

holster build

just a cool shot :]

Posted by Automatauntaun
on Monday, January 24, 2011
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Automatauntaun -
Sunday, May 17, 2015
No worries brother. This hobbie is about breaking things and the. Making them better ;]
So I can fix them. I just like to complain.
I think I got most of your message!?
The sheath is easy and I am gonna make another holster , document it and submit it to the tutorials section along with the sword sheath so keep an eye out.
LĂșcifer Custolecionador -
Friday, May 15, 2015
Hey ... I'm sorry for the loss of your items. I have been through something like that , but in my case fou an irreparable loss .
Comrade ... I would like to thank the very kind enough to again post the tutorial on the holster . You will help me a lot . Thank you so much.
On the hem , I will try to follow their guidelines .
But once required .
LĂșcifer Custolecionador -
Thursday, May 14, 2015
Thank you buddy !
His tutorial is fantastic. You will help me a lot . I'll be in expectation to see how you do these amazing sheaths have in their customs .
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
First pick your gun.
Pick a shape and style of holster
I chose a simple design.
Cut the material so that it wraps around your
weapon when you fold it.

See folded

Then you just a fix it with glue at the seam.

From here you can simply cut out the shape you want ( I always cut a angle where the handl is ) and do clean up work
With more crazy glue.

Another option is you can add straps. I then use the existing shape as a templet
Go cut a hard backed out. I use craft foam and I coat it in crazy glue so it is slightly Rigid.

I then cut a strap out, measure it to see where it will go ect. And then I glue the tip down I. The front as it will be over lapped later.

Finally you glue the hard backer to the back, and then wrap the strap all the way around.

Here you can see the finished product has a low profile. And is very sleek looking.
It here is held in place buy a magnet system. You can glue it into place.
But another reason I choose the soft foam was so I
Could dremel a small notch and glue rare earth
Magnets into it.

You can see the sheath in the backround as well. More on that this week.
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Wow, second time this week? Lol! I'm humbled. And thank you. It's always makes me happy to hear others can learn from what I put up here. For gun holsters I use craft ribon. Measured and cut. Some time in the next week check back here and I will post some how to photos.
As for the sword sheath. I dislike large bulky ones. I had originaly catalogued my making of snake eyes sheath. But photobucket messed it all up and the photos are gone. And in a odd twist your luck is my misfortune. I have moved more then times in the last two years. And in one of these moves my stuff was in a storage unit. Well in storage some of them broke due to its climent control not bein on :/
One such item was snake eyes. His left are leg snapped. And we'll his sheath warped, and the sculpting shattered.
Because of this I have to make another and will photograph it and out it up here. I'll do it by next week and post it here.
It's very simple and I'll explain it but keep an eye out for the photos!
I use black electrical tape. You cut one langth longer then the other and put the sticky sides together.
With a little bit sticking out on rather side. You place the sword at the far end and roll tightly.
Till you reach the side with the sticky side sticking out. And you simply wrap it around and let it stick.
Then I brush a thin layer of self leveling glue along the seam. Let it set. The. I give the the other side a quick glad so it holds some of its shape. If it's too long , snip it to the right size and I sculpt a small end cap n the bottom and bam. Their YA go.
LĂșcifer Custolecionador -
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Hello Friend.
For many years I have been following their work and customs . Are all Fantastic .There were of great inspiration to me. His technique of creating objects and joining pieces are perfect .
I would like to ask two questions :.
How do you make of gun holsters and hem for swords ?
Any tip or tutorial will be of great help.
and once again congratulations for their great customs
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Tested making pumpkin bombs.

Some mock ups for what I was aiming for.

Automatauntaun -
Monday, March 23, 2015
Oh yeah forgot, quick shot.

Shoot of it up

Under the hood
Automatauntaun -
Monday, March 23, 2015
I have always wanted to re imagen jack I lanturn to be less goofy. More like later iteration. The one that was in Victorian
Clothing with a very macabre feel. Then his re-imagining and new identity came about and I loved it. I never got the flying saucer thing...I know the explination. Stolen goblin tech....but come on...
Anyway, so I was gonna make a pure copy but then saw that the art is not super consistent with interpritations.
And great figs that where already 100 percent accurate by fellow real meds rexticon and WhiskeyTango ( fantastic work by both!) so I set about making a hybread of the new incarnation and what I like.

Started with a judge death and a pile of halo statue hands. ( the pelvise cracked and am attempting to fix it as of now.)
This figure is mainly thanks to a bag of two of fodder from my pal Shapp

It's all pegs, wanted a quick fix.

Next I put magnets in one hand

And in two tiny pumpkins

And BAM!

I then installed a revoltech joint in the back

And a channel to let it lay flat

Added a gundam joint to a toy pirat flag of unknown Origen.

More to come.
Automatauntaun -
Monday, March 23, 2015
First up ult hawk eye gets a super tiny dremel whole for a wire when it's cast for the head set.

Any copy of the head can have any smaller object put here I just have an abundance
Of twist ties of all sizes

Clipped and cleaned up

Automatauntaun -
Saturday, March 7, 2015

So I loved the ml body but his ab crunch was really worthless. Cracked him open and sanded it down and sculpted a bit.
I loved a lot of aspects of the x movie nightcrawler. Espeshily the coat. All the rain effects on it. So,
I had to dremel the pets down a lot then rough them up with some lock tight to keep them from just flopping around.
Then I didn't totally squeeze Kurtz chest together all the way. Coat slides on and off with ease.

As well I had to cut the back a little with an xacto since the tail was higher. The coat is designed to make him hunch.
Automatauntaun -
Saturday, March 7, 2015
And of course since I'm excited about this the peg had to just fall off when I wasn't even touching the arm.

So I took my super tiny drill bit and drilled a whole in both ends. Super glued a paperclip in their and made sure it was the right langth. Gave it a coat of locktight, then after it dried another and finally another. Hopefully it doesn't shatter.

Automatauntaun -
Friday, March 6, 2015

So the hands are robotech battlecry. I wish I had all the hands?!

The revoltech joint finaly makes this otherwise worthless body work.


I will sculpt a bit to conciel the joint a bit. But for now it's fitted.

As well as

I'm not sure if you can tell I placed the revoltech more towards the back of the figure. This is to maximize the articulation and make the foward crunch work better.
Automatauntaun -
Thursday, March 5, 2015

Heavily modded arms from x movie nightncrawler ( freackin brilliant preformance by allen cumings)
Added to the ml torso. Lower abdominal sanded down as the sculpt impeded movement.
It will get a slight touch up but not much more as that will stop it from crunching. Jacked added, a
cut in the back as the torso is longer then the movie one. If I didn't cut the tail hole more he would be stuck in that
Hunching position.
The neck will get a revolver in it and modded and then I am gonna finish sculpting his
Pecks and his priests outfit over his torso. Their have been quite a few xmen/ priest outfits for
Kurt and I want to do one. I think the retconing of nightcrawler with his death and bringing the aoa
One over was a neat idea but kinda a cop out. Kurtz religion made him unique among
The x men as he taught A true forgivness. A concept completly forginge to the teen age
Back stabbing he said she said he said she said soap opera of the xmen. Also his priestly vows
Forbade him for hooking up with everyone ever, and his no killing. It's hard to write a charchter
Like that and make him interesting. And a few writers did him justice. But most just said
" let have Kurt doubt God and hook up with some hot demon chick!"
The XMEN is not prone to deep or great writing.
I espeshily liked his shirt story in the fall out of house of m, with the night crawler museam.
Keep an eye!
Automatauntaun -
Thursday, March 5, 2015

Started the spider

Waiting for it to set
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Thanks man. Photo bucket just keeps making them that size?
Darththomas -
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Looking good buddy, if you want to stop your pictures getting chopped, they'll need resizing, I think the max dimensions are 600x 600 pixels, I'll check on that for you.
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
I hate how my photos now of days keep getting cut in half
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Finally modded the goblins feet.

His feet are a bit narrow...may have to widen them.

Something I have been planing a while. Just had to make sure I had fully knew what direction I was going and had to
Find the open hand. Need a different head

So it's a x-32 lower half. And a neon genesis evangelion mass produced
prototype angel. Forgot what company made it?

The hands are from a revoltech non transforming toy.

Blaster is from a crappy zero figure. It will get a magnet inside and prolly a lot of zap a gap and remodeling.
Automatauntaun -
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Animated stlye joker mock up

Top down

Side shot

Trying to show off the back points.


Back points

Top points

Any thoughts? Which is better?
Automatauntaun -
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Mock up in clay for concept joker

Big pomador

Side view of the back flip

Shot of the back of the pomp

More of the same.

Front shot

Another side shot
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sanded....the living hell...out of this amazing spiderman.
Removed all the blue detail. The I sanded off the spider symbol, on the front
and back, as well as areas I would have to fix to match up with the superior first apperence.

No super pleased with how everything turned out. It's ok. But I will make another
Superior in the future out of a sota fit that's a bit hard to find.

Just another shot.

Should points need some work.
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
I just smoothed it out finer then paper wet on is face left some patchiness.
And too a bladed edge after it had set a bit and cut out the lines. Then waited till it set more and did it again in the same and then also in some different places I'll I have the negative effect. If it was black I would have just punched lots of holes.
But blond stubble is USUALY portrayed as long lines. So, their YA go. Like I said you can have a copy if anyone will make one. And again thanks.
Dynamite Customs -
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
That beard is perfection. How did you get it so thin and fine? Really thin layer and just scrape/press with a needle?
Automatauntaun -
Thursday, January 15, 2015
You know if someone would make casts of my custom heads and not want to keep them I would do so. I have been trying to get someone to make me custom casting but everyone says they want to keep the originla head and sell the casts and not give me a cut? I wouldn't even care if they just gave me free casts in exchange? I actualy found someone and we worked out just such a deal. I was making him custom head sculpts for him to sell and I would get copies of my stuff. And then he got redeployed. I would still be open to paying someone for my customs stuff but I would then, cause I was paying them want the original cast. Anyway, sure think man! If you know someone who will make copies I'll mail it to you.
The Real Question -
Thursday, January 15, 2015
Man I want a cast of that head after you sculpt the hair.

its perfect for Danny Rand.
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
So, hawkguy got his Aja beard.

Want to make it look close to Aja's art.


Lil blurry

By the way, here's some refference.


Gotta work on giving him a less stern look now as well as
"Fixing" his hair.
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
I wanted to make sabertooth a belt buckle. Nothing about sabertooth is Sabertooth like? His powers, his look, his teeth? so I wanted to work that element into his outfit. So I looked up his belt buckels. they where all horrible....
so idecided to make one myself. I took a bob cat and a skull and cross bons and mixed it with saber teeth. and this is the result. I also wanted to give him something Cutsie as He is always so aggressive I think it is funy to think he picked this and anyone who questions him get well...sabertoothed.

I hate photobucket so much, I am moving everything off of their so I will lose all my links. they are so horrible

Almost finished Hawkeyes head.

Other side

Wolvies belt buckle

I wanted to keep the x theam but not make it a actuale d since most people just cover the x men in ac's and its kinda annoying.

Started some work on something else. Anyone guess what's up with this guy?

Bro, He's gonna be epic.

The scarf goes to the masked hawk eye head and the face is my Aja/fraction hawkguy head. Need to fix his hair
And stubble still.

I really loved that book and was board waiting for the scarf to dry.

The cap body will serve as the base with some modifying.
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Thank you. you humble me.
supersizeme -
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Man your sculpts look amazing. I am really digging the Ult. Hawkeye head it is freaking AWESOME!!!
Automatauntaun -
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Wolvies belt getting made

Have to add the belt loos and buck

One more
Automatauntaun -
Monday, January 12, 2015
Other side of the pants,

Started work on the collar

Have to put the zipper pull on the front still

Not sure if it's visable here, put a small ring around the first knuckle.
no1609 -
Monday, January 12, 2015
Awesome man, think I might have to incorporate that into a custom sometime, the bomb disposal type collar just looks really cool.
Automatauntaun -
Sunday, January 11, 2015
Firstly, thank you.a lot of the links disapeared cause of stupid photo bucket.
I am trying to fix the issue they created.
He is in a box in my storages the collar is craft foam. I shaped it and brushed crazy glue on to it well flexing it to get the shape.( only at the bottom.) Then I attached it to a outline I had drawn on. And after it set I brushed more crazy glue
Onto the bottom to make it more ridgid. But not applying any glue to the top to keep it flexable. Then I took ages fixit and put it around the base and wet my finger and ran it over it till it blended in to the crack and up a little into the foam.
The body is just all foam and I laid a textured material over it to develop a pattern. And the wholes I'll eventualy be shared to be bullet wholes. They where intentional.
no1609 -
Sunday, January 11, 2015
Been sat here looking through this whole thread and you've done some fantastic work here and I especially like how you've utilised the revoltech joints. I have a question though - about the Punisher you was working on at the beginning of the thread - How have you got the collar (which I'm assuming is made from craft foam?) to blend so well with the body? Is the body sculpted over the foam or has the foam been sanded/blended to fit flush with the body?
Automatauntaun -
Friday, January 9, 2015
Ps, anyone willing to do custom casting please contact me.

What I am willing to do: pay you and work something out so I can get back my original pieces and copies.

What I am not willing to do: give you my original works for you to re sell and pay you for a copy.

If anyone knows anyone who is willing to work within these peramiters please contact me.
Automatauntaun -
Friday, January 9, 2015
No it's just a head design. Since I only have like...two sculpting tools and sculpt and a coul figures. I was just making things.
The hawk eye was actualy work for someone who was supposed to do castings for me. But they where called back up to serve over in Afghanistan cause you know, we aren't sending any more troops ( waa, waaaaaa.)
But he said he is gonna try and do casting once he gets settled. So I'm holding on to it for him.
I am not gonna put the hair on it since it's easier to cast this way and sculpt hair on a copy and then get the same head with multiple hair styles. Thanks by the way!
The Real Question -
Thursday, January 8, 2015
they look great.

did you find a base for Hawkeye?

also do you have any available Wips to post? If so, can we see?
Automatauntaun -
Thursday, January 8, 2015
so, I have not had a lot of time to work on things. I hope to get all of my stuff back end of this month.
but I have done some small stuff in the mean time.

adding zipper work to sabs pants

the yellow parts of his costume got popped. I wanted to give depth to the suit without changing to many of the core elements.

the hands I always felt needed fingerless gloves. I started on it

adding the raised rim on the gloves was a bit of a challnege.

Customs wolvis pants crotch as well.

Another shot

The other side ,the left side ( your right) needs some small patch work.

Ult hawkeye is coming together

More on the new googles and the "h"

Not sure if the stiching holes are visible on the "h"

The back of the head harness will be cleaned up but the lines will stay close to the same.

Not sure if it's visible , but theirs a tiny rim on the on the top. the end of
Of the mask.

More of the mask rim

darksword -
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
sent you a pm.
Darththomas -
Friday, October 31, 2014
just put a couple drops of your chosen colour on the fixit as you're mixing it, like I said messy but its worked for me a couple times now.
Automatauntaun -
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
How so?
Darththomas -
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
you know, I've had a bit of success with adding a little paint to fixit to change the colour, gets real messy but it does work.
Automatauntaun -
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Thanks, I really wish I could gets aves fix it in a darker color :/
It's hard to do super fine detail on WHITE.
Darththomas -
Sunday, October 12, 2014
SWeeeeeeeeeeTTTTTT!! those teeth on darkclaw look great as does the hawkeye head.... both of them :-D
Automatauntaun -
Saturday, October 11, 2014

so all I have are heads....unghhh, in another two or so months I should have my stuff back hopefully.

so in the meantime I am sculpting a head for someone.
Its a hawkeye baised on the ult apperences ( the first ones). so it is gonna have a slight amont of creative touch.
I wanted to capture the look of the googles. ( ill do another shortly that is all me)
And the comms unit on his head.
forgive the odd tones as it was it was the only way to show the small detail. poor lighting for detail work.

First I drew it up. It's a bowen deadpool or moonknight head. I never really liked this head as it is crazy disproportinaite.
however I find this quite comicle as my favorit marvel artist is usualy humberto ramos.

I decided to do the flat lensens even thought this makes 0 sense as you would not have peripheral vision. I also choose to go with the exagurated features of the head. I put the lenses under the furrowed brow.
I always hated the bullsy on his forhead as it made no sense...he's not bullsy, he's hawkeye.
however I have always loved the grifter styled look for him. So I chose to include the Iconic "H" from his traditional costume and have it add some depth to the look.

Then I decided to make the coms unit slightly larger on the right

and much smaller on the left. I drew the mic just for reference it will be much different when it is sculpted.

The sculpt proved difficult as my aves is over 5 years old. Still works but the gray part ( b?) is very odd feeling these days? And it's tacky and dries funny. So the eye peice was a pain.

lil perspective shot

The COMs peice. It will get a ring around it next

Other side

Originally the plan this person had was to have me mash two heads together. But I said it wasn't neccesary. So I decided to make two hawkeye heads with the spare.
This is more of just free flowing concept version.

So first, I decided to make him simaler but different. So he will just have a ninja mask and I drew out streach points and shade points I wanted to emphasis. It ended up changing a bit.

Front shot

Front shots

L Profile shot

Back left

Right profile

Right back

I'm also making two darkclaws.
Here's the start, just made front teeth.

After they dried added more heft
Automatauntaun -
Sunday, September 28, 2014
so, I have this tarrax torso. and I think I want to make a venom with it. Like a big bulky venom. I was gonna get a sabertooth for the lower half. but I was wondering. Would the terrax lower half be good? Also, I have never seen a thunderball or pilldriver? would that lower half work with the tarrax torso?
Automatauntaun -
Monday, September 15, 2014
But that's so....
Darththomas -
Sunday, September 14, 2014
Hahahaha, I think they called them Quill's back when Robin Hood was around
Automatauntaun -
Friday, September 12, 2014
I have atwo really, a pen quill ( are they even called that anymore?)
The center of a pen removed for the chain mail. And a tool with a blade on the one end and a depressor on the other. That's it. All my other stuff is packed up.
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