Action League Now! Figure Project Reloaded (WIP)
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Action League Now! Figure Project Reloaded (WIP)

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Hello everyone, SpooferJahk here posting a project I started to work on thanks to another user for inspiration. This project is to make the Action League Now! characters from the old Nickelodeon show/short. Harveytwoface999 started this project already but unfortunately hasn't done anything with it that I am aware of since 2009. Thanks to him for being my inspiration, I decided to do the project myself and it is in the works. I am doing this project to not only provide a good solid foundation as to how to make the figures and show that they exist, but also to fill my satisfaction of having these figures since I have always wanted them ever since I was a kid, and sharing them to other fans of the show that wondered if these figures truly do exist. I have to admit, the Burger King toys didn't do justice in terms of having official figures, which is another piece of inspiration for this project.

Anyways, I aim to try my best to make the figures look as close as they did on the show with little to no instructions on how to make them since not many have attempted to make these figures. Plus I am also running on speculation as to what they were made with since a couple of the characters haven't been fully identified yet.

I should also add that this project is taking a, "when it's done" approach since some of the figures are incredibly hard to find, and expensive so the customs get done when they get done.

Without further ado, here is the list of the characters with status information next to them and an appropriate showcase link for when they are finished:

Stinky Diver: Showcase ()
Meltman: Showcase ()
The Flesh: Showcase ()
Thundergirl: TBD, researching on figures/parts to use for her
The Chief: TBD, finding the base figure for a good price
The Mayor: ()
Bill The Lab Guy: TBD, finding base figures for a good price

Posted by SpooferJahk
on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
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YugiRebus120 -
Saturday, May 25, 2013

I have good news about one of the Action League Now! Figures by the name of Thundergirl.

The good news is that Thundergirl is composed of the head of a Sindy Doll and the body of a She-ra Doll.

Jetcat237 AKA Aran O'Leary

P.S. What brand and colors of acrylic paint did you use to repaint your old Conan figure and make it look like The Flesh?
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