Wolverine... To The DEATH!!!
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Wolverine... To The DEATH!!!

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Hey there! It's Carnage99 again! I just wanted to post a few of my work-in-progress figures. I just finished and posted my 4th figure, Ghost Rider, who turned out good for a newbie like me. I am currently making a Wolverine, a Scorpion, and a Special Contest entry!

Posted by Carnage99
on Thursday, August 9, 2012
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Bad_Guy_Robot -
Friday, August 10, 2012
Hey man, can't wait to see your Wolverine that's a good idea using the umbrella wire, a lot of customizing is being creative and resourceful. When I started out, I cut up and painted the end of a mechanical pencil for a shoulder mounted cannon on my War Machine (thanks for the comment on that one by the way).

I find that we (my girlfriend and I) use things that we have on hand all the time; there's an entire section of our fodder bin full of random junk we've found here and there and figured might be useful for a later project. Another thing we do is go around to local yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores looking for good base figures; we've found loose Marvel Legend figures for like 50 cents before. We usually come back with between 3-10 figures every weekend without spending over $10 (not always ML but still good stuff). Some we use, some we put on our Trading Post thread, and others find their way onto "evilbay" (seems to be the popular term for eBay lol). Sometimes we get a base figure just to use the head/arms/jacket/whatever for a future custom. Just start collecting random base figures, check out any local places you might know of and check clearance bins at bigger stores; you never know what you'll use later.

Back to the Wolverine, only advice I can think of would be to not drill the holes for his claws too high up towards the top of his fist, I made that mistake myself and a couple came out of the top of his hand lol. Also be careful pushing the claws into the hands, its easier than you think to slip and cut yourself.

Just keep at it, practice makes perfect. We haven't been customizing very long ourselves but I'd like to think we've come a long way. If you need any more advice/have any questions, feel free to ask. I may not be the most experienced user around here but I'd be glad to help a fellow Realmer.

P.S., sorry for the really long message lol
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