Mystic's WIP Thread
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Mystic's WIP Thread

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First off, please bare with me, I'm still learning, lol. I've uploaded a couple finished pieces over on the main board under my site name, Mystic. Here I wanted to start a WIP thread to group all my ideas to show you all. If that's ok. I don't have very much fodder for customizing at the moment, about two Supermen and about three Batmen. I have a Supergirl that's extra, but I've got plans on turning her into a Clover from Totally Spies. I'd post a picture, but right now there's been no changes done to her as of now, lol.

Posted by Mystic
on Sunday, April 7, 2013
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Mystic -
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Things have been kinda slow on my part with a new shift at work, but I haven't forgotten about the Clover project or anything like that. I'm hoping here soon I can get started on Sam from the same series. Pics to come on that later.
Mystic -
Friday, April 26, 2013
At the moment, I have the figure at my friend's house to get the curls added to her hair. After that comes the dot on the eyes and the coloring of the hair, the dull coat and then she's done. I picked up a cheap pack of 3.75 figures that came with weapons and thinking about giving her one as I want these spies to be more realistic than just using the hair driers and such they use in the show.

Another project I'm working on, not much at the moment, is taking color to some of the weapons I have. Try to make them stand out more than the basic black pieces of plastic that they are.
Mystic -
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Hey, thanks. I appreate that man.

I was orignally going to color some white foam, silver and use it for the metal pieces for the suit. But as I went to cut them out, I realized that the paint from the paint marker didn't dry as fast as I thought and the pieces would be way too small to cut out. So for this I went and just put small dots on the elbows and knees. For the shoulders I went and drew some rectangles over them from the front to back. The belt was also drawn on, as much as I orignally wanted to make it kinda loose and hanging off her hips. Kinda like Rogue's from the X-Men cartoon did.

You can barely see the elbows and knee metal pieces compared to the shoulders and belt. The belt is supposed to have a heart on it, not for sure how I'm going to do that though. I think I'm going to take a toothpick and dab some blue onto the eyes to brighten up the iris's a bit. As for the hair, I'm still debating on rather or not if I want to get with my friend for the sculpy for the hair that curls outwards, or leave it as is. Then I still need to dullcoat it. Besides the eyes, I think most if not all the painting is actually done.
pock63 -
Monday, April 15, 2013
she looks good so far, keep it up!
Mystic -
Monday, April 15, 2013
I think I got the pictures problem fixed. But as an update, this is what the progress is so far; I've given her a sanding and a pre-wash and let her soak over night. Afterwards
(and some days later as I've been busy), I began to do the repaint for the bodysuit. As of now is what I have done on the picture below. I still need to finish the one arm and do the back side before evening it off at the neck with a cream colored paint. Then there's the belt and the little metal parts at her shoulders, elbows and knees.

Still not for sure if I really want to mess with the eyes or not and I need to get with my friend that has the apoxie so I can finish the hair.
Mystic -
Sunday, April 14, 2013
Hey, I think I can post pictures now, so I'm going to try and update this thread a bit on my Clover project. First off, sorry for the double post and secondly, I know the quality of the photos are blurry, but I'm trying to work on the quality and make them clearer. So please bare with me on that front.

First I decided that possibly the best one to use for this figure would've been the blue suit Supergirl from the JLU series as the white t-shirt one seemed a bit too little. Here is the basic figure before any modifying.

To get to the bare basics, I went a head and cut the hair and skirt off and took the cape off her as well. I've started the pre-wash (not shown as I did it after this picture was taken) and I want to work a bit on the eyes as I'm not fond of the black outlines of the eyes. Anyways, here is the first bits of the modified version.

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