Feats of Clay......... WIP thread
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Feats of Clay......... WIP thread

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I thought Babydoll was the toughest character I was ever going to make but this figure tops that. Probably because there are three parts to it. The Ventriloquist, Mr Scarface & his gun. Pretty much 80% of this custom is all sculpt.

All these TNBA characters are just designed so weird, they are really tough to sculpt IMO.

I knew what I wanted to do with the Ventriloquist & that worked out pretty well right from the start. I always figured that I was going to somehow use the BTAS Riddler body as a base. Seeing that I had an extra one laying around I started the project.

I wanted to use the Riddler arms because I thought I could put them inj the position to hold Mr Scarface. So with a little cutting, repositioning & extending, I think it worked out well. The arms unfortunately couldn't be articulated, but I did keep the articulation in the legs because I knew that I might have to change the balance point of the figure later once he had Scarface on his hand.

Yes, then came Mr Scarface. Grrrrrr.......That's where I hit a wall. I just couldn't sculpt a proper looking head for him. I either couldn't get the look down, or couldn't get the size right. C1 ended up offering advice with this & it helped. I printed up a pic of the source material the exact size as the figure should be & then I sculpted from that. Once I made the head that I thought looked great, I had to sculpt the hat which was another pain. After that it got a little easier with the body. I just had to make sure he fit on Wesker's hand. Scarface is completely sculpted besides his hands which I got from some Marvel figure & his ankles are small wooden dowel rodes to give him some stability so he could stand better.

Yes you heard me right. Some people may not have done this, but I wanted to make Scarface removable so that he would be like a separate little figure. He did run around in the episode on his own & taunt Wesker. So I sculpted him in a pose that he could also stand on his own. The gun is not finished yet, but it can also be removed from his hand. it always bothered me that Scarface's head could not move on the Kenner BTAS version. So Scarface's head is also articulated on mine.

Let me know what you all think so far?

Posted by clayface
on Tuesday, October 8, 2013
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pock63 -
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Well your hard work really payed off with this one!
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