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Kaboom! Customs

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Hey guys. So, I've only just got into customising and figure it'd be cool to keep track of the 'early days' as I learn and grow and all that jazz.

So this one is my third custom and an attempt at a movie version of Scarlet Witch, based on the limited photos I've seen so far. Here's the reference:

I started with a Hope Summers base (these have been hella cheap on Amazon and considering it's hard to find any figures for a good price here, I bought in bulk) and had only planned on sculpting very few bits to make a big change. I also put Lady Deathstryke lower legs on her.

I swapped out the Hope hair for Mystique hair and sculpted over that to make it feel a little more movie SW. This ended up being a waste of time because as it turns out, the hair kept catching on the sculpted collar so I had to scrap the work I'd done there and cut the base hair with my exacto knife to ensure when I sculpted over it again, it won't interfere with articulation.

As I got more and more into it, I found myself sculpting a lot more of the jacket and the boots than I had originally planned. Actually, I sculpted all of the boots and added small details like laces, etc. I'm glad I did this but, man, it was like trance... I just went ahead without any real forethought. Glad it worked out okay [thought a thumb was injured in the making of this figure].

So after I'd sculpted what I had wanted, I applied a base coat of paint, which gave me a bit more confidence in what I was doing - seeing it all come together.

I'd planned to have Hope's wristbands act as SW's but as it turns out, they look way too bulky for what I want, so I'll be sculpting those. I'll also be re-sculpting the hair and then getting a proper paint application on this gal.

Posted by Kaboom
on Wednesday, April 9, 2014
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Kaboom -
Monday, April 14, 2014
Been working on another Hope, this time transforming her into Squirrel Girl.

I wanted the tail to be sculpted but also wanted the figure to be able to stand (as well as have the tail articulated somewhat), so I sacrificed the size of the tail and used Omega Red's ponytail.
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