My Female Action Figure WIP
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My Female Action Figure WIP

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I wanted to make my own original character for my comic book I'm working on. Her name is Sathena. So, now, I want to create a female character that stands at least under 8" inches tall, no taller than that. She stands a little under 7" inches tall. In the story, I actually want her to be a little taller than my main character, so 7" inch tall works for me.

The parts were varied, because I want to try using different parts to see which would work best. The last picture at the bottom, which is my most recent picture, has white body parts casted from Tamina Snuka. I used Snuka clone's torso with hips and calves. That's it.

HEAD-Amazing Spiderman Wal-Mart action figure. Covered Spidey's head with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, then "shaved" it down with a dremel. I think this is the dumbest idea I've ever come up with. It would be easier to just use clay to sculpt her tiny face.

SHOULDERS-Sort of a miniature Barbie doll. Barbies have very feminine shoulders, so I thought, "Perfect!" I used it on Sathena.

ARMS-Marvel Universe Dagger's knees and thighs for Sathena's biceps and elbows.

TORSO-Casted part of WWE Tamina Snuka's chest with Smooth-On cast.

HIPS-Casted part of WWE Tamina Snuka's hips with Smooth-On.

THIGHS-These thighs are from Jakks Pacific's UFC fighter Rashad Evans figure. I thought I didn't have to shave it down with a dremel, because women generally have wider hips. Boy, was I wrong... Thighs needed a lot of sanding down. Then I covered it with Apoxie Sculpt, then shaved it down with a dremel again. The legs have to be as thin as possible.

KNEES-Made with cheap "G.I.-Joe-Wannabe" The Corps figure's elbows. I used those articulations, because Barbie dolls have very nice knee articulation, so I had to find a smaller one with similar articulation. I found the Corps's elbows for that. No need to have swivel seams across her thighs when it comes to already having the swivel in her knees along with the hinge.

CALVES-The bigger white parts at the top of her calves are casted parts of Tamina Snuka's calves. Then the bottom white parts are made from Dagger's calves.

FEET-Marvel Universe Hercules feet.

She has tiny joints, which are perfect for my character, because I want Sathena to have small joints to appear as feminine as possible. Bigger joints are okay, but they're a little too pronounced and they tend to make her look like a burly, superheroic woman. Sathena is simply a damsel in distress character.

Noticed the fourth picture with her huge boobs? lol. I had to shave her boobs down to a smaller size. Her boobs now are better.

These are the images taken in order.

I only posted these pictures to have proof that I've been working on my project. It took me TWO WEEKS to make this! I think it's because I'm new to customizing a figure, so it took me a while to learn all the mistakes.

Besides her balloon head, what do you think of her body? Look good?

I will post newer pictures as soon as I get the Logitech Pro 9000 shipped to my home. It should be by next week.

Posted by STCreator
on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
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STCreator -
Thursday, August 14, 2014
About two months ago, I made a few changes to this figure.

New head sculpt, and new head paint.

Tamina Snuka waists/hips, and legs.

Feet from Superior Spiderman figure, then I didn't like how it looked, so I used Archangel's articulated hands for her feet, plus Superior Spiderman's feet for her heels. It worked nicely, but I still didn't like the look of them.

Still didn't like the result.

Her shoulders were WAY too big. It also looked like she had huge hands as well.

STCreator -
Monday, July 28, 2014
WOW. It's been three months, and I'm STILL trying to make a perfect female action figure.

Three months have past since I posted images of my female figure. This action figure project is 100% most difficult project I've ever encountered.

Took me three long months because of the figure customizing NOT agreeing with me for getting along with other articulation parts.

For example... The images below are all the old pictures I took on May 10th (about three months ago). This figure was not good at all. It had so many flaws I didn't like.

The flaws:

-visible pegs on her arms
-too heavy
-topples over often, because of weak articulation knees
-difficult to turn her swivel calves, because of her pant sleeves (made of clay), her clay pants prevented me from turning her swiveling calves. I had to pinch hard onto her ankles to actually turn her calves
-because this figure toppled over hard, a piece of her hair broke off
-loose head's articulation
-hands too big for her body frame
-high heels were awkward to rotate (for standing in different poses)
-her body size is a tad too big, she was over 7" inches tall, which was a little too big to me
-ball-jointed shoulders worked nicely, but they made her look very masculine
-ball-jointed chest's important peg broke off (this specific articulation is what I've been struggling with for the last three months)
-Aves Sculpt is good, but I classify Aves Sculpt to work only for sculptures, or figures that I don't want to play with (afraid to break them)
-her head sculpt was good, but lacked smoothness of skin
-her paint job was pretty bad. It used to be really clean, but when I tried putting back together all her parts from painting, the paints got messy and ugly. I especially didn't/don't like her pants' color (too much yellow)

More new pictures will come out soon. I do have the newer pictures of June and July saved in my files, but I want to slowly upload most of the previous pictures, instead of putting all 50 of them at once.

STCreator -
Friday, May 9, 2014
I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you're implying from your comment.


I'm pissed off, because I've been working so hard on this for a long time now, and as soon as I was ALMOST done with this figure (and was about to repaint it again), the ball joint on her peg (inside her chest) SNAPPED off!! AARRGGHH!! Hulk mad! Hulk no like puny plastic pegs. Hulk smash puny pegs!

So, now, I'm waiting for Gorilla Glue to dry up the broken peg inside her chest. It's currently in a clamp. I have a feeling it won't even work, either, so we'll see...

sanmiguel -
Thursday, May 8, 2014
wow for the extensive work....
STCreator -
Thursday, May 8, 2014
Sorry, I'm late. Been having a busy week.

You said it right! Women are HARD to sculpt. The old Marvel Legends female figures looked horrible for a reason. lol I know you've seen basically all of them.

Anyway, here's my new updated picture of Sathena as of right now. I'm still fixing her.

Her head is 100% original sculpt. I sculpted her head with Sculpey, then baked it, then casted it to make a carbon copy of the head into plastic, then tried sanding down all the unwanted textures off her face, then painted it. Problem with this is it still shows undesired textures on her face. UGH!

I gotta cut the sandpaper smaller, so I can really make the skin of her face smooth. Gotta fix her upper lip, too.

I'm actually happy with the proportions of her face, though. That's my third try on the head sculpt. The first two were so hideous, you wouldn't want to see them. lol

Anyway, it took me so long to make this head sculpt because I tried so hard to make her look like Elisha Cuthbert. Sometimes I wish I should have used Hasbro's new Black Cat's head instead, because she looks almost like her as well, right? Or is just me? I would have used Black Cat's head as base, but I like making an original head from scratch. It just feels more, um... I don't know how to explain it. I just like the idea of having my own sculpted head of my own original character.

I pulled off painting her eyes! My problem is her black lines on her eyebrows and eyelashes are a bit too shiny. I used permanent pen ink for the eyes. I don't remember seeing shiny black lines on retail figures. Probably will have to get Testors flat black paint or something.

I used Testors paint for the skin. For the white parts and the green/blue parts of her eyes, I used acrylic paint from Walmart.

Hey, lookie down there.

Sathena: " "
Darththomas -
Thursday, May 1, 2014
That's a crazy project for your first custom!! I look forward to seeing how this girl comes out. Those boobs were massive her proportions look great now though, I always view females as much harder to get right than males.
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