Holocaust/Genocide WIP
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Holocaust/Genocide WIP

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I've been really scarce on customs lately, working on small projects here and there, but I've decided to share my progress of one of the horsemen of apocalypse
I wanted to plan out how I was gonna execute the character first so I did a quick sketch of the costume. It ended up showing elements of both the Holocaust and Genocide charater
Using the first appearance hulk base would provide me a bulky base to sculpt on, extending the torso and sculpting on the necessary details.

I ended up roughly redesigning the torso to more resemble his Genocide appearance, as it depicts a more squat and armored appearance.

So in actually making the custom, I began with extending the torso of the hulk figure below the articulation joint, as I want to preserve that articulation. I used armatures for support and to minimise the amount of milliput used in sculpting over the mess.

I realised after this that the arms weren't proportioned with the rest of the body, so I looked to extending the left arm, as the right was going to be made into the gun arm. Same process was used for the torso was used for the arm, just havent gotten around to filling it in.

Moving onto the right arm, I found a gun in my fodder and cut it in half, attaching it where where the hand was removed. Extending the arm wasn't really needed because the cannon basically did it itself.

Now a massive complication which came up while making this was the dome. I was having a hard time in how I was going to execute it, so I attempted to make a dome out of clear plastic and sculpt, which in the end became too big and bulky for the body, and didn't suit well overall.

So I ended up using a capsule from a gashapon that I found in storage, which works better with the overall look.

I had to dremel a portion of the body to fit the head and the dome.

At this stage I'm onto dremeling the off specific details to make room for sculpt.

I'll be sculpting on armor details once my apoxie sculpt arrives. Any input or constructive criticism on the progress is welcome. Will be updating as I go on

Posted by babycustoms
on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
User Comments
Automatauntaun -
Friday, January 9, 2015
Really cool
Truwe 316 -
Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Some mad crazy talent happening here! Can't wait to see more!
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