Action League Now
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Action League Now

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Ever since I was a kid watching Action League Now on Nickelodeon, I just HAD to have those toys! But hardly any were mass-produced, except for the Burger King toys, and those didn't really do it for me. Fast-forward to today: I'm doing some surfing around and I find out how they made Stinky Diver (just a repainted '94 GI Joe "Shipwreck" figure) and the Flesh (heavily-modified Conan the Adventurer figure). That pretty much rekindled my bonfire of a dream to get Action League Now toys. But because of the lack of ALN toys mass-produced, plus I've unsuccessfully tried to contact some of the people that made the series, I figure that the only way to get them is to make them the way they did.

Here's some pictures I found online:

The Flesh:

Stinky Diver:



The Chief:

Bill The Lab Guy:

So how would I make some of these figures?

Posted by harveytwoface999
on Thursday, March 8, 2007
User Comments
Mr-X -
Friday, March 9, 2007
Well, to make you could search out similar figures and do it yourself, they don't look to difficult to make. Or if you wanted to spend a few bucks you could request someone here to make them for you, im pretty sure one us could nail it pretty well.

Either way, one of us could give you a hand
harveytwoface999 -
Friday, March 9, 2007

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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