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Hey y'all - Deadeye the oneyed wonder here again

Welcome to the pit of production and procreation I call My DESIGN DUNGEON

I'll be postingh with figs currently in production or at least need more work done upon - or even better pictures taken of

WIPS, Commissions and others

Please excuse the fuzzy, crappy webcam pics - I'm trying to get the bugger fixed
And attempting to understand the inner mysteries of my new samsung digicam
I feel like that ape from the 2001 movie - discovering bone weaponry and tools for the first time

Outside of a tool shed Me and technology don't agree with each other its my Canadian Scots radioactivity

Anyway without further ado heres what I got in da works or ready to submit soon

First up is my own design for GhostRider and his Bike

Made from the guts of a SMC Madjack and a ML Vengeance - I peeled his rubbery jacket off his torso sawed him above the waste join and superglued/miliputted the madjack torso and light up flame head in place
I then reattached the Jacket over Madjacks body - sticking it into place

Then I carved the pumpkin out of Madjacks head - just missing the LED inside (daughters got a pumpkin earring I made for her from it now) And in the hole I had carved I started to build up the Ghostrider skull from scratch
using only the forebrow and cheek bones of vengeance
I heated up a wood Brodel and pierced/burns holes into skull and thru into the flames so not only does his head light up but also his "eyes" in their sockets

The Legs I expanded slightly at the thighs and swapped out his spikey vengeance boots with those from a XMC Ult Sabertooth

GR stands at an impressive 7.75" now - this is a really meaty spirit of vengeance

I'm still working on his shoulder spikes using panel pins and he'll have a flexible metal whip chain weapon made from an old handbag handle the wife had

I used this same kinda flexible chain to make the chopper handles on his Hellcycle I have started

Yep that skull's handsculpted too out of Miliput epoxy putty - I'm going to bore holes in its eyes to put LEDS

I'm going to cut the body of this Vengeance bike in half and use the guts of an FF Johnny Storm Bike I have (I've got about 4 of the buggers) to put inside it and join it back up

I'm designing a petrol tank that sits behind the hand sculpted demon skull front - using a cool design idea I got from a Manga DEVILMAN villain - not wanting to give too much away here - You guys'll love it

The Chopper saddle will be made from an old Tombstone prop I have and the whole Hellbike built up from bits from one of those stands you get with the Movie maniacs

Finally I'm going to get a few LED flashlight Keyrings guts to stick into the tires and ribcage of the bike

Posted by deadeye
on Friday, April 13, 2007
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deadeye -
Monday, September 24, 2007
Thanks Buzzy

I personally for one can't wait for your 2000AD Slaine figure - my offer to sculpt a sunspear for your slaine is still open

Buzzy Fret -
Sunday, September 23, 2007
whoa! those ABC Warriors are dead on Deadeye! they are great!

yes - Biz's take on 'em was cool but Walker's art is incredible. you really nailed their look.

hell yeah, there's always room for more 2000 AD characters - they're not getting cranked out like Deadpools or X-Men customs.
deadeye -
Saturday, September 22, 2007
Since Buzzy Frets pipped me to the Slaine custom I was planning


Heres some other 2000AD characters I got on the go

I'm making two of the ABC warriors for the Gears and Gadgets contest (Anonymity bedamned) - Lol - it'd be clear to everyone it was me that did them anyway

I love Bisleys design of Joe with the leather Jacket and such - but Kevin Walkers artwork was just incredible with the blue chrome look

I mixed the two styles when I made my Joe Pineapples figure - as you can see above.

Similarly I like elements of Bisley/ Walker take on Deadlock
but I liked the All concealing tattered robe of the Mcmahon original run in 1979/80 - so I mixed those elements when I made my version of Deadlock

Deadlocks eyes light up as his insides are a XMC nightcrawler mixed with a LOTR Ring Wraith
head and hands are scratchbuilt - as is the sword

Joe is an elongated Colossus with a deathlok leg for a neck - his gun fires plastic bb shot And his chest locker where his arrows are pointing opens up to reveal a severed human heart in cold storage
I tried to paint his logo "2 cool 2 kill" on these arrows but decided after many failed attempts to just photoshop those in

I've also got another two ABC Robots - Hammerstein and BlackBlood - on the starting block

I made this Mutant Scots Bounty Hunter recently from a spare Johnny Alpha on the right

MiddenFace McNulty from ShyteHill LOL

Hes From the same character story - STRONTIUM DOG about Mutant bountyhunters in the 22nd century after Nuclear war has released strontium 90 into the atmospher of earth mutating people.

deadeye -
Friday, September 21, 2007
Planning out an action figure present for my brother of his original comicbook character

kickboxing cadaver

This is an Adon figure with a bit of photoshop and hand drawing to indicate whats to be done

GJ of Gee_Jays_Customs has stepped up and says he'll do most if not all of it for me - cos he likes the character so much being a kickboxer himself

Thanks GJ!

I'll make the removeable intestine nunchucks, bro

deadeye -
Sunday, June 3, 2007
Haha!!!! Hell yeah

Wish everyone followed that advice - I'd be a happier bunny

Btw pm me your address again Wes
LWes -
Sunday, June 3, 2007
Didn't know where to post this, but this thread seems as good as any:

I just read Giant-Size Defenders #5, and this caught my attention:

Don't mess with ol' Deadeye!!!
deadeye -
Monday, April 23, 2007

hawkeye -
Sunday, April 22, 2007
yeah man, im just trying to appropreate shipping funds, but since Im back to work it shouldnt take long
deadeye -
Sunday, April 22, 2007
Thankya kindly Hawkeye - Our deal still on, bub?
deadeye -
Sunday, April 22, 2007
Thanks bub

yeah its a scar
I'm half blind - so its not unusual to half the occasional knife or saw slip - unless its spurting up to the ceiling
I don't believe in plasters for small nicks
my hands are a roadmap of some interesting cuts n burns over the years having been a semi pro sculptor

That one on my thumb tho was actually due to a bit of broken glass in some sand I was scooping up from the beach - sand iam using in one of my zombie entries diorama
hawkeye -
Sunday, April 22, 2007
Awesome stuff
Sunday, April 22, 2007
cool man, that is awesome. Did you cut your thumb? I see a scab on the first pic of the K9
deadeye -
Sunday, April 22, 2007
A Sin City Marv custom thats going to be sold to a Realm member

Heres something I'm doing for my Utah Brutha from Anutha Mutha - Boba Ferret

deadeye -
Sunday, April 15, 2007
So how does that work, casting? Is it something anyone can do?

More or less - different ways of casting

Wrap, drop cast, loss wax are the easiest -
the real technical - and dangerous stuff - is metal casting (I make jewellry on occasion) and making life size stuff with fibre glass (not good for skin and lungs)- but essentially same principle applies

I'll be running tutorials in here if I get the tutorial writing fever
LWes -
Sunday, April 15, 2007
So how does that work, casting? Is it something anyone can do?
deadeye -
Sunday, April 15, 2007
Deadeye heap big pleased with self

Sold Hellboy for £40 (around $80) to a local buyer

YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAA - that'll pay a bill off

Luckily I always cast spare parts to make duplicates - so Hellboy version2 coming
deadeye -
Friday, April 13, 2007
Thanks very much man

Experience from years of being a Metal fan and wearing nothing but skulls in my wasted youth

I used to make Skull rings and pendants for myself and the other metalheads out of re-fired bone-colored fimo - so yeah skulls are one of my strengths

Photo-taking aint - it must be the radiation I give off
LWes -
Friday, April 13, 2007
Really good sculpting on the skulls man!
Impressive stuff - can't wait to see good pictures of the finished results!
deadeye -
Friday, April 13, 2007
Lol Yeah
Just now, it actually does - its on a wire armature - But I was thinking of just setting it so it doesn't

cos they'll be a party - someone will get ripped n twisted on the herb and the hop
Then they'll start ventriloquising the bike

Friday, April 13, 2007
I saw those last night . The bike looks very cool, does the mouth open on the bike
deadeye -
Friday, April 13, 2007
(In a Rasping drawl) Consider it Done, Mr Ferret

"Someones coming - Someone serious" - The Professional

And I am more than impressed with yours Bob
Bob-A-Ferret -
Friday, April 13, 2007
very nice mr dead eye. I am impressed with your skill. Now let me see what was the job I had for you.. oh yes thats right if you think you are up to it the job I have for you is in this padded envelope (slides envelope across tble) Go ahead and open Mr dead eye. (paper inside envelope reads " keep up the awesome work if you can Mwhaaaahahaahaaa) So do you except the job mr Dead Eye?
deadeye -
Friday, April 13, 2007
Keeping with the Hellborn theme

Heres the WIP of a Hellboy commission I'm selling

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