eBay 101 for the uninitiated
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eBay 101 for the uninitiated

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Ok folks, I thought I'd post this in light of recent events on eBay. I have at teh time of this writing 5463 positive feedback on eBay and 30 negative feedback. my seller account is thecelticmonk for those that weren't aware. heh.

I've been eBaying since long before the towers fell and even before that. Here's some helpful tips for those of you who are newer to it.

1) Copyright: When you are placing words in the auction description such as ToyBiz or Hasbro or Marvel use the TM directly after it. You should also place a disclaimer in the end of the text that gives a blanket copyright statement such as Marvel, ToyBiz, Hasbro, Black Panther and the Incredible Hulk are all copyright and trademark thier respective owners. This won't always keep your auction from getting yanked but it helps a lot!

2) Shill bidding: This is where you or a buddy bids up an item for you because the price is too low or you haven't got any bids on it yet. If eBay finds out about this, they will ban you for LIFE. that is to say that YOUR REAL NAME will never be able to have an eBay account again. It's also a really dishonest practice but I only preach about it, I don't narc people out for it.

3) Don't buy with your seller account: eBay says you can have as many eBay IDs as you want so long as you use your real name and address to set each one up. I have numerous eBay IDs. I sell with thecelticmonk, but I buy items with several other account IDs. I can look at GeeJay's (man picking on you again friend! ) feedback and see what figures he's buying, what paints he uses, how much Apoxiesculpt he buys etc. You can't do that looking at my seller ID.

People selling straight loose figures are quite resentful of modders. You swoop down, buy a loose fig for 7 bucks shipped and turn it into a $200 mod. The figure sellers want some of that action but they can't sell a loose deadlok for $50, they'd get laughed out of existance. So, they look for who is buying what figs and try to jack you with shipping and the like or narc on you to eBay for a copyright violation to get your auction yanked. Don't let them know it was GeeJay that just baught this figure from them. Use a Byer ID and a Seperate seller ID. Yes your real name will be on the shipping info but I can promise you they rarely care about that once the item was shipped.

4) Feedback: Negative feedback sux. I have 30 myself. That's like more negatives than some of you have positive. sometimes, you are just dealing with a jerk and you get a negative. it happens and it's rarely controllable. You can repair negative feedback by doing the following things:

A) use a seperate buyer ID.

B) buy from a feedback seller. These are auctions that say "50 recipes .pdf for $.99". You buy that, pay with paypal and then bam, instant positive feedback. now the more positives, the more thinned down your negative is. I have a lot of positives so if I get a negative I am not too worried about it, but someone with 30 positive feedbacks gets a negative, and boom! you look like doodoo! This is also good protection against a feedback terrorist. That's someone who gets the item and says in an e-mail "hey, I like this, I want one for my buddy for free, give it to me or I'll give you a negative feedback!" Yes sadly people like that exist and they will nuke you if you don't give them what they want. So naturally we don't negotiate with terrorists so you need to find feedback sellers like mentioned above to help thin down negatives.

C) Leave feedback AFTER they do. so you might not get a feedback once in a while, but they won't leave you a negative for fear of retailiatory feedback from you. Most sellers do this now you'll note, adopt this philosophy until you have enough feedback that it doesn't matter if you get one or two negs.

D) Be honest. Always. Tell them exactly what they will get and when. Don't be a shipping pirate, charge what the shipping really is. Treat others like you want to be treated it's not a hard rule to grasp.

Ok that's the basics, enjoy and I'm sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes!

your fan,

Posted by greymonk
on Wednesday, May 23, 2007
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deadeye -
Saturday, May 26, 2007
Really helpful Greymonk my man

Thanks very much brother - this intel is invaluable for Ebay noobs like me

I've only sold my work directly to people I've met on superhero/ scifi websites or to the local Goth/Alt Rock population and thru the usual craft fares and Horror film festivals I frequent
So Ebay wasn't something I was 100% sure about

I'll set up another account under Deadeye Samurai taking your advice
greymonk -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Well I wondered why in your last post you would point at your shins (it said: "...points at shins" but now I know you meant Shinobitron. heh...I'm old gimme a break here.

and apparently I'm an eBay stalker
Henchmen4Hire -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Well, it's not like I can remember either, who keeps track of that stuff anyway? but I'm guessing, off the top of my head, it was for the Russian custom, I had to back-out because I had to buy some mandatory equipment so you sold it to the second chance person...but who remembers that stuff!? xD Neutral is fun feedback, you can write whatever you want and no one gets angry :P

And I use the same account to bid/sell everything, I also bid for friends, that's why sometimes there are random items won in my feedback, which you'd only know if you're an ebay stalker...>_>...
Shinobitron -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Sorry Doc, I don't even remember what figure that was for.
Henchmen4Hire -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
No problems with ebay so far, but I'm going to leave negative feedback for Toyrocket no matter what. Ridiculous problems with customer service. And if a TR representative is reading this, then good, go jump off a bridge. Say hello to the telemarketers I threw down there. :]

I have like...one neutral *points finger at Shins* :P I should have a few negatives because of guys who jack-up shipping costs (like when I win a fig for 1 dollar and they decide to charge me 12 bucks for shipping, 2 states away) but they never leave any if I don't.
Gee_jays_Customs -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
lol I havent recently been buying figures on ebay for customs for a while, I've been getting em for my personal collection, if anything, I buy fodders for cheap. but yea man thats a good diea, prolly going to do that now....thanks dude for the helpful info!

Shinobitron -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Couldn't have spoken any truer myself. I do however keep my buyer and seller account together. As of right now I have 100% positive and one neutral. The neutral was from a guy who soaid I sold him a broken Transformer, and the fact of the matter is yes I did sell him a broken one but it was stated so in the auction text.

I think however that most honest eBayer know that a couple of negatives are really nothing to worry about compared to the amount of + you have, most people understand that you can't make everyone happy and that e terrorist are out there. I'm in a situation right now where a buyer wants to return an item he bought in beggining of March. He said after inspection of his figure he was not happy with the quality of the product. I told him to give me a list of all problem he had with it and I would fix it for him and pay for all shipping cost involved. He never emailed me back. Later in the week I get a phone call from him wanting to talk about the situation I chummed him upand he spilled the beans that there was nothing wrong with the product but he just wanted the money back to spend on something else he found.

Just like GM said these instances are rare but they do occur. In my personnal opinion just take the neg, any normal person will look past it.
greymonk -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Thank you kind sir, 'bout time I had something useful to offer here instead of just drooling over everyone elses customs!
Mr-X -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Wow, nice work Greymonk, this should be a great help to people just starting out.

Any chance of a mod turning this post into a sticky or something that will stay up top for awhile?
greymonk -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
those are good techniques too VP, remember folks that you can see what type of feedback is LEFT BY that person. I always check that too, someone who leaves a lot of neutral or negatives gets thier bid cancelled on one of my auctions. You can also ban certain buyers from ever even bidding on your items. there is a text file you create in your seller account that lets you add eBay iDs to it and it keeps someone from being able to bid on your auction at all. They get a message back that you customize (be nice!) when they try to bid. this is a very helpful tool and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

Additionally, you can head off a lot of stuff simply by wording your auction carefully. Give credit where credit is due, place your copyright statements in there and don't try to link to other sites or customizers. eBay is VERY passionate about no URLs or sites mentioned in an add and they will yank and ban for that in a heartbeat. But again, they don't go looking for it, someone has to bring it to thier attention so to protect yourself from a punk looking to eliiminate your auction, guard against those things. I love the work VP, Kyle, GeeJay, Toymaker, Dedi, (a gozillion others I can't spell the names for or remember exactly but deserve mention) but I can't link to you guys in my auction text because I want to keep my auctions difficult (not impossible) to get yanked.

Also, if you are concerned about text being a problem, make text blocks into graphics. This will allow you to change them at will. For example, if you want to give a good back story about a mod you did, but it leaves you open to copyright violation, create the text block as a graphic. Host your own pictures and use the graphic of the text block in your description. To the bidder, this looks just like a block of typed text, but if you are in danger of getting yanked or leave yourself open, you can go to your picture host and change the graphic with another one that excludes the dangerous text. It will also allow you to change text once there is a bid on the auction. A favorite tactic for someone that's going to get your auction yanked is to bid on your item, then go complain about you so you don't have a chance to change it before the eBay police get around to looking at it. (takes from 1 - 3 days for them to go check it out). Now, here's my warning: Please don't abuse this by promising things in the auction and then going back and swapping it out. Use these powers ONLY for good people, not evil!
VariablePenguin -
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
That is seriously helpful stuff. I never really thought about the seperate seller and buyer accounts thingy.

About the loose figure thing: It also helps not to make a custom and sell it like the next week. They don't get quite resentful if you don't show off the fact that you can slap something together in a few days and quadruple the "value" of their figure.

and about negative feedback: I just don't sell to A-holes. I look over the bidders on my auctions and check for huge amounts of negatives or people that just opened the account to bid on my item.
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