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Basically any hidden blade of variable size within a staff or a walking cane usually a foot long dagger, shortsword or 2-3 foot sword

A sword cane is pretty self explanatory - orginating in the east in where it was outlawed for peasants to carry swords in public - its been uitilised by Yakuza, Ninja in disguise, even Monks as a concealed weapon

it became a gentleman about towns fashion statement in the west (as well as a self defence weapon) from the 15th century onwards

1. make a stiff blade (knife, dagger, sai, rapier or guardless ninjato) out of any of the following

a bobby pin
a Hair Grip
Large Darning needle
meat skewer -
plastic bought thin weapons like zorro rapiers, or the MK Shaolin Monks or ML elektra sais
Or even make a tough but slender blade from scratch out off Fimo or supersculpey and give it repeated firings for strength

2. hunt for a straw or lollipop stick (usually of the plastic variety) that will be a suitable size for your blade
I find the slim drink straws off the back of kids drink cartons like capri-sun are a good size
But straw applicators from can of WD40 are the thinnest I've seen

What you essentially need is something you don't need to exert pressure on to push you blade into and withdraw from its new resting place

I've made hidden blades like this for Zatoichi customs and the Joker I'm currently making

hope this helps you guys

will provide pics shortly

Posted by deadeye
on Wednesday, June 13, 2007
User Comments
Kern -
Thursday, June 14, 2007
Sounds interesting... do you have any pictures of that?
DrSean -
Thursday, June 14, 2007
Anyone get the most recent Detective Comics? That guy had a sword in a cane.
greymonk -
Thursday, June 14, 2007
A personal favorite of mine is called the Porcupine. It's a cane that has an ornate head on it, when a button is triggered the head expands creating flanges and turning the whole kit into a horseman's mace. I've seen them in regular walking stick and umbrella forms. Magnificent device for those that cannot use the edge weapon variants...
deadeye -
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
yep thats right
a Soul caliber Character has that - forget her name

Shes based on a japanese Chambara ( or swordplay) movie called Lady Snowblood - one of the influences on the movie Kill Bill (which features the Lady Snowblood theme tune at the end credits)

same principle applies as above guys but use one of those funky cocktail umbrellas as the parasol but snap the cocktail stick part off so it just fits inside your straw holder and glue it on then you just make the blade to go in the other end of the straw

Nicely pointed out Kern

Other sword cane variants are the double sword or double short spear inside a monks Bo staff

In another Tutorial I'll even show you guys how to make a scale switch blade for the end of your characters staffs Shogun assassin stylee
Kern -
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
A lesser known varient is the sword umbrella - basically the same, except it also protects you from the rain, too.

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