shoe goo
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shoe goo

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hi, no one here in germany is selling apoxie sculpt...and so I bought shoe goo...made for repairing used skateboard shoes...has anyone worked with it yet? any tips? thanks & sorry for bad english... fert666

Posted by fert666
on Saturday, July 7, 2007
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fert666 -
Thursday, July 12, 2007
thanks, man...!!! that' a good tip, I do so and order at their website...really thanks...!
LWes -
Thursday, July 12, 2007
You can order it from their website. I live in europe too and ordered FIXIT Sculpt from Aves. Was a smooth transaction from what I remember.
fert666 -
Sunday, July 8, 2007
I tried and yes it's very runny, but it works...after a few minutes it's shapeable. At first it is like glue or gel or something...when it's run dry, after 12-24hours (many layers=longer dry out), you can cut or dremel at it. I bought the clear version of shoe goo and the end-product is like a gum-ball...I know the end-product of the black version, its's like hard plastic...a little better than the clear...I cut of the Hair from a wrestler and rebuild the head with shoe goo...I try more and let you know...
geki69er -
Saturday, July 7, 2007
I have never heard of using that stuff before. I am aware of it being around, but never used it in my childhood skateboarding years. a bunch of my friends did and I think it would be better for something like a cast for an item or something along that line. correct me if im wrong but, isnt it like runny to start off with. I know what the end product is and unless you have used it, try to find the apoxy sculpt on ebay, I did and man that stuff depending on how you use it can last for a long time. I bought mine for like 25 bucks altogether from this one lady who deals with pottery repairs and it was shipped really fast and the lady was pretty nice. anyways man, give your shoe goo thing a whirl and let me know how it goes, im really interested now, I never thought of that one.
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