Painting straight? Got shakey hands? This could be why
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Painting straight? Got shakey hands? This could be why

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Now even I sometimes I have shakey hands while doing fine detail. Its usually after working for periods of time.

However on one of my customs someone once posted jokingly about somedays having steady hands and somedays not.

I recently discovered that it can be attributed to too

Posted by Mikey11935
on Thursday, August 2, 2007
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Thursday, August 2, 2007
that could be the problem. I was thinking when I am just sitting there I don't talk, I can feel my heart beat. And when your heart beats your veins start to "jump". When I start to paint I was probably on the computer before and my fingers were typing and the blood got worked up but now I am painting my blood clamed down and I can feel my heart beat as it shakes. Well all of that was IMO, so no one agreee what Isay, It's probably wrong
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