One for the Brits - Slaine WIP
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One for the Brits - Slaine WIP

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Slaine from the British Comic Mag 2000 AD - if you're not familiar with him check out The Horned God story - Simon Bisley did the art .

pirating parts from a Slaine figure and splicing them onto a WWE DA Triple H.

I wish the MLs were the same size as these WWE Deluxe Aggression figures! they's fun to work with!

Posted by Buzzy Fret
on Friday, September 21, 2007
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deadeye -
Saturday, September 22, 2007
Thanks Buzzy for the advice

In return how about this as an easy fix to the torc problem? Use TWIST TIES

Twisted together they make ideal celtic torcs.

I'm also scratch sculpting a Horned God Helmet, Buzzy
and a Spear Of The Sun from the story

Would you like a copy for yourself?

I got all the 1999/2000 Reaction Toys Figure line
Slaine & Ukko, Johnny Alpha, Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, Judge Death and Durham Red
But I never once came across a snarling slaine Variant like NTT used for his Logan

I may have spares if youre interested

BTW I've nearly finished making two of the ABC warriors and making the whole set

I made them all larger than ML size 7" to 8" to empahsis their robotic warriorness

Have alook at them here

Sorry to clutter your thread with mystuff - I thought you'd like to see them being an obvious fan. Especilaly of Bisley related stuff

Buzzy Fret -
Saturday, September 22, 2007
thanx Dedi!

well I figured of all the Realmers you would definitely know who Slaine is.

I got into Slaine when the 1st collection of The Horned God came out over here, I think it was about the same time Biz was doing the first Lobo mini series so he was a pretty hot artist at the time. my friends and I discovered the 2000 AD stuff via the 1st Judge Dredd collections that came out in the USA back in the 80's when we were in high school. my faves have been the early Dredd, Slaine and the ABC Warriors. DR & Quinch were good fun too.

I don't know if I'm going to try to carve the jewelry off the old Slaine - I may try it though. otherwise I'm gonna be sculpting and searching the jewelry sections at Michaels.

as for finding more of the Slaine figures, keep an eye on ebay - I got this one for dead cheap. fortunately they're not that popular - I think I paid $6 for this one and $5 of that was the shipping. I would think they would be easier to find in the UK though.
deadeye -
Saturday, September 22, 2007
Thats going to look all kinds of bada$$ Buzzy

And YES - I'm very familiar with Slaine and 2000AD being in britain for the last 25 years or so

Its going to be a bit of a bugger tho carving off his neck and arms jewellry (celtic torcs) isnt it?

How are you going to do that mate?

I'm doing one myself using a Mike Awesome TNA wrestler fig (I think thats the series)

Good to see someone appreciating british made characters for a change

Slaine (or correct pronounciation Slawnya) is awesome

Anybody that says different can go kiss my Axe


NTT made a wolverine custom from a variant slaine head to that one in your pics - you any idea where I could get it?

Its a snarling slaine that looks even better than this one

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