How do you Prevent Paint from Flaking & Rubbing Off?
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How do you Prevent Paint from Flaking & Rubbing Off?

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Im just wondering what some of your guys' tips are for preventing paint from flaking away, Rubbing Off, etc.

It seems that everything that I paint flakes away really easily. especially in the joints. I get these really awesome looking Dry Brushing Effects, and they just get rubbed away.
-Just to clarify Im using the right paints. I use Tamiya, and Citadel Acrylics. So far just painting by hand with a brush though. No air brush.
-And I know to wash my figures before Painting.

I've heard some tips already that sound good in theory. One of them being put crazy glue near the joints where contact occurs to protect the paint.
-so Im actually heading to a store in just a minute to go get some crazy glue to try this out.
-But this only works for joints what about the rest of the figure?

Other people have said to spray a protective coating on the figure after its finished.
-my problem with this, is that I don't like the Glossy look that I've seen with some of these. Is there a dull, really flat protective coating out there, that doesn't SHINE?

In the airbrush information page on these forums, it was mentioned that Isopropyl Alcohol would dull down the Shine of acrylic paints.
-Has anyone tried this for Hand Brush Painting?
-Has anyone tried this with the Protective Clear Coating?
I don't have Protective Clear Coating or Isopropyl Alcohol yet, which is why I ask.

Posted by worldwarhulk
on Friday, February 8, 2008
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worldwarhulk -
Sunday, February 10, 2008
Awesome paint rub guide Jin.
And thank you all for all of your input. Im going to be trying all of these tips out over my next few figures.

I'll probably even go back on some of my finished figures and deal with them as well.
Tom-Tom -
Saturday, February 9, 2008
from everywhere online here's the gist of it:

1. wash the figure in warm (not hot, thatll soften the plastic), soapy water.

2. spray a coat of primer, usually a first coat of gray, and a second coat of white to make the colors "pop".

3. paint 3-4 thin coats. use things like testors, games workshop, tamiya, etc.

4. spray a matte clear sealant. in wal*mart there are some next to krylon that seem to work well enough.

5. show your figure off tall and proud!
Shinobitron -
Friday, February 8, 2008
Another great paint to use for a base coat prior to painting is the Krylon ultra flats. The black is exceptional!
Jin Saotome -
Friday, February 8, 2008
Ahhh, I have this problem a lot. First, check my Paint Rub guide here: ... ntRub.html

I've noticed this problem with my older Citadel paints, some Games Workshop paints, and all of Tamiya paints on bare plastic. That's why I always use Testors Acryl series (Fantasy is my favorite) as my main paints because they stick really, really well to unprimered plastic. Especially base colors like their Dragon/Flat/Aircraft Interior Black. Even in the joints. Their Dragon White and Flat White are also great bases to work with. I noticed my Games Workshop Lich Purple would rub off easy until I mixed it with Flat White. I needed a lighter shade of purple anyway so it worked out.

If you want to use Tamiya or Games workshop, I suggest a primer coat or basecoat of Testors. Like all I use now to dryrbush a metal is Games Workshop Mithril Silver, but you -must- use it on top of another color! Use it on bare plastic and it rubs right off. Fortunatly it looks even brighter when painted over flat black.

if you want a matte/flat finish then hunt around for some Krylon Crystal Clear Matte spraypaint. It says Acrylic on the spraypaint can and tho it really isn't, still works great on all my Marvel legends/Transformers figures. It will however make soft rubber plastics forever tacky (thus hinting that it's not totally acrylic) so you'll want to remove/cover capes or soft rubber parts like ML9 Ghost Rider's collar or Pheonix's hair. It dries perfect on regular Marvel Legends PVC plastic sections like arms/heads/legs tho and works especially well on all hard ABS plastics like that which Transformers are made of.
cowboyink -
Friday, February 8, 2008
also try and dremel down the area the paint rub would occur to make a low tolerance area for contact
TPCustomStudio -
Friday, February 8, 2008
no crazy glue, super glue. Paint shouldn't flake off the figure. use a good primer, and yeah pick a good sealant.
carlos1 -
Friday, February 8, 2008
I had the same problem with the paint finish. I recommend you read the painting tutorial in this site to get advise on how to prevent your situation, I think they mention some sealants that do not hava a gloss finish.
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