Buying a dremel from amazon...
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Buying a dremel from amazon...

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Hi there,

I know there are a couple of old threads about dremel tool in this forum. I went through them, and was wondering if anyone owned Dremel 3956-02 MultiPro Super 1.15 Amp 15,000 to 35,000 RPM Variable Speed Rotary Tool. It's selling at for with 77 accessories...

It isn't cordless, and comes with a Flexshaft. The entire thing is for $79.00.

My question was, if anyone's bought this particular dremel before for customizing purpose, are you happy with it? General reviews on amazon seems positive overall, so I was thinking about biting the bullet....

Dr. Nightmare, I know you said that 22,000RPM is plenty to work with for customizing action figures. Since your purchase of a dremel tool, which accessory pieces have you used the most?

Any input would be appreciated.

Can't wait to purchase this thing, so I can start making magnajoints all over the figure I'm working on...

Posted by Aquila08
on Thursday, February 21, 2008
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Esbat -
Friday, February 22, 2008
I picked up a Pro Source Cordless Rotary Tool for 10 bucks at Big Lots. I've not only been able to work on customs but I've also done car repairs and parts cleaning with it. Its a handy dandy little gadget and comes with 60 bits and accessories from grinders, sander heads, cutting blades, drill bits, to all kinds of little different shaped heads. Its cordless, but the 2 hours of charging lasts about 30 minutes so I tend to leave the sucker plugged in while I use it unless I have to head outside to work on the truck. I been able to cut through 1/8th thick steel rods with it, which freaked me out, although it did take about 20 minutes, lol, for each rod. For another 8 bucks at Big Lots they have another 200 piece accessory kit with replacement parts and lots of cool extra tools.

And if it breaks they always have plenty more, but so far no problems with it even after repeated drops and abuse, my only gripe is that every so often you have to readjust the heads or attachments because the vibration and pressure you exert loosens them.
Henchmen4Hire -
Thursday, February 21, 2008
All dremels do the same job, they spin really fast, doesn't matter what brand it is, just remember that if it spins too fast it's going to melt the plastic instead of drilling/cutting it neatly. That one looks fine but pretty expensive, I'm guessing the flex-shaft is jakking-up the cost because those bits are nothing special. You don't need that many bits either, but if you're going to use the dremel around the house too then I guess you can justify the cost.

I use these the most: Standard Dremel-bits (to drill holes), Dentist's Burr (for making swivel-joints with screws), Grinder, Cutting Disk.

Seriously, that's all you need for customs, but if you're going to be adding lights and battery-packs and magnets, then you should probably get some router bits too, I've never needed them but they're perfect for implanting magnets.

I guess you could ask Jin Johns Jacobheimerschmidt for tips too, I hear he's not a jerk so he'll answer your questions :P
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