How do you keep paint from chipping at the joints?
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How do you keep paint from chipping at the joints?

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I've read the tutorials on how to do this, but I still have questions.

I know you can use the super glue method, or sanding down and repainting, but does that work for a long time?

I don't know if it keeps the paint from chipping permanently or if it's just a temporary solution and you have to constantly retouch it after that.

I don't like the idea of having to retouch a finished custom everytime I play with it. Or be afraid to play with it at all because it could chip the paint.

I ask these, because I'm going to start a custom soon that may require me to paint the pants the current figure is wearing and I'm wondering about this.

I was thinking maybe I could take the legs apart, paint each piece, then put them back together? But then I would have to reheat the pieces which could ruin the paint.

Truly, this is a connundrum. Any and all help is welcomed.

Also, what would be the best spray sealant to use for a custom? I saw this brand at Wal-Mart last night, but I can't remember the name. I don't want to get a bad one though. I've been using this white, almost paste-like fixative for a while now that you have to paint on, but apparently the spray kind is better to use.

Posted by Mint Condition Customs
on Friday, April 11, 2008
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atgscl -
Friday, April 11, 2008
well, paint rub is almost impossible to completely eliminate.

but I think your best bet is to take a part the joint(s) and sand them down prior to painting.

and the superglue method has worked for me sometimes. but eventually, it wears off.

also, higher quality paints like testors seem to not rub off as easily as the cheaper craft paints.
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