Diorama/Shelf Display Tutorial First MOTU Style
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Diorama/Shelf Display Tutorial First MOTU Style

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Recently I have chatted with others on diorama building. Here is a small tutorial you can do to spice up your MOTU customs/figure displays. And the best part its easy and cheap!!!!!!!More Updates soon!

Boring Shelf right!!!!!!

Using blue foam from lowes/home depot, measure out your shelf to create the walls/floor

Then using a marker & ruler map out your brick/stone/floor designs

Using a foam cutter, trace out the outline of my brick design to give it 3d look. IF you don't have a foam cutter you can use the tip of a glue gun or solding iron.

After cutting your bricks, at the top of my walls I going with a slight crumbling look, I cut out a jagged wall look, after that I use my fingers or pliers to break off pieces to improve the broken look.

Now your surface is still smooth, so taking an actual rock, use it to pound impressions into you foam , this help give your bricks the texture and more real look

Here you can see the difference before and adding texture.

NOw with all of that done, placing the foam back on the shelf you can start to see your dio start to come to life.

Stay tune more is coming!!!!!!!

Posted by passiondesigns
on Sunday, May 4, 2008
User Comments
GreenRanger1 -
Friday, July 24, 2009
Nice idea, and seems easy and cheap. Might be cool to print out some pics for the windows, tape em behind the wall. It would just take some photopaper.
devil907 -
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
This is pretty informative.
mister garbage -
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
...more is coming?

Branjita -
Monday, September 15, 2008
This is really cool, I hadn't thought of using foam.
Maelstrom -
Saturday, September 13, 2008
This is a great idea, any updates????
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