vinyl spray
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vinyl spray

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I've recently been searching forums and came upon this tip about using vinyl spray as a base coat as its supposed to help paint stick better, does anyone know if this work or are these people just talking rubbish.

Posted by Mighty Tom
on Saturday, July 5, 2008
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Buzzy Fret -
Sunday, July 6, 2008
vinyl dye / paint is OK. It's really most useful for parts made out of rubber like clothing, capes, coats, loinclothes - for those it's dynamite. For use on figures - well I guess it depends on how well you can use aerosol spray cans. I don't like using spray paints in general because you just don't have that much control over it and it can make a big mess. If you have a well ventilated paint booth then it might be easier to use 'em. I have only my backyard.

Samuron over at Fwoosh uses vinyl dye for a lot of stuff. He has a Daredevil that he used it on - but that's a one color figure - not so hard.

I used vinyl dye on my Shang Chi custom - and it came out ok but like I said it was messy to use and kind of a PIA.

One general consensus is that it's a bit more tougher than acrylic paint and more resistant to paint rub but it can still get rubbed or scratched off.
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