Rorschach custom Help
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Rorschach custom Help

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After seeing the new Movie Watchmen, I have come into a liking of rorschach. Since I don't think the dc Direct is that good I want to make my own. However I'm having trouble on a few things. the problem is that my dad won't let me use any of my marvel legends for base figures and I have nothing else to use.

Does anyone have any idea what I can use for a base figure that is relatively Rorschach's size and has a round head (to just easily paint paint white and black), also does anyone know where I can find a fedora that can fit on a 6 inch figure.

Thank you

Posted by DarthAndosMan
on Tuesday, March 10, 2009
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blaynescott -
Monday, March 16, 2009
The figure's probably closer to 7", but the under-coat shirt is a black dress shirt with a tie. I just pulled off the 'wind blown' tie, as it looked silly. You could easily fashion a new tie out of some fodder - I used a BAF Ronin Cape for all mine. It's surprising how many of my custom figures wear neck wear....

For Rorschach, you could easily sculpt in his neck-scarf over top of his collar. Since the coat isn't a london fog button over (like in the comic/film), you'd have to make some stylistic changes.

Check out the figure at a local Sunrise Records, or comic shop, rather than buying the figure outright online to ensure it's the kind of base figure you need.

Top-notch comix -
Monday, March 16, 2009
a couple questions on the spirit.... is it ML size? is the shirt flat under the coat like the joker thug?... need to know these things...
blaynescott -
Thursday, March 12, 2009
If you're not going to try frankenstien-ing the Rorscach DC Direct figure, or use ML figures: I suggest picking up a Mezco "The Spirit" figure. It's reasonably articulated, has a fedora-hat, and a long coat.

It would be an open-coat Rorscach, but it does give you something to work from. Even the head-shape lends it'self to Rorarch's mask-shape with some Aves sculpt work.

After I finish my DCD-rearticulation custom of Rorarch (I'll be posting a how-to here at FR after he's done), I might try a "Modern" Rorscach figure using my Mezco "The Spirit" figure.

Best of luck,
DarthAndosMan -
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
thanks for the help atgscl , I think I'll take your advice for the spider-man head (maybe use the whole body
atgscl -
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
for the head try the original SMC Scarlet Spider or Ben Riely Spidermen heads. Those or moonknight, or deadpool with a bit of sculpting.
50percentJoe -
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Here are 5 easy steps.

1. Save some money
2. Go to Wal-Mart or Target
3. Buy new and unwanted Marvel Legends figures, in fact why not duplicates that way you have one that won't matter if it is torn up or customized?
4. ....
5. Profit.
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