how do i tighten Deadpool's leg
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how do i tighten Deadpool's leg

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I just bought Hasbo's X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool (comic version)
and his leg is loose
now I know a lot of people are going to tell me about the super glue trick
but it seems like a tricky joint like I would freeze up another joint
for people that don't know how the joint is
if you have any of the recent Hasbro Marvel figures such as Movie Iron Man
then you know

Posted by SpideyGuy
on Wednesday, April 15, 2009
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Henchmen4Hire -
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
What part is loose? The part connecting to the hip (moves forward and back) or the part connected to the leg (moves the leg outward)?

Either way, enough glue will work no matter what. Use a needle to get it exactly where you want it, it helps a ton. If it's the part that connects to the hip that's loose, then it's going to be more annoying to fix, but it'll still work. You just have to let the glue dry to build layers and cause more friction in the joint.
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