complete noob question about head swapping
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complete noob question about head swapping

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I have to have a Stephen Colbert action figure like FID=4130 (sorry - I'd tried to post a link, but the forum wouldn't let me).

So I've paid a bunch to get the necessary figures on eBay.

But I'm really brand new to customizing figures, although I've painted quite a few over the years.

Did I do something wrong when pulling off the heads so that they don't match? One head has a stem and the other has a hole. I have a photo, but I can't get the forum to let me post it.

How do I swap the heads now?

Posted by muchagecko
on Saturday, June 27, 2009
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MrGore -
Sunday, June 28, 2009
to match the sterns, cut of the headd stern, then dremel a hole in the head that matches the stern from the body

to match the holes use the stern you cut of fromthe other head, fill the hole head in the head with epoxy or something like that and attach the stern to that head using epoxy as glue, but had some super glue just in case, be sure to give the epoxy the shape you need for everything to match right
Saturday, June 27, 2009
take the head that is going on the peg and dremel it out with a dremel, if you are putting a head with a whole on a body with a hole than I don't know, maybe a screw or something but don't try it just in case im wrong
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