Any casters out there? Need help.
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Any casters out there? Need help.

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Hey folks. I decided to take up casting for my figures since my Target and Walmart never has any Legends or DCU figure. I got an air compressor off ebay that has a 100 psi max, with 2 hb. I also got a pressure pot with an 85 psi max.
The only problem is I can't get the pressure pot to pressurize!

The pressure gauge on the pot doesn't move and when I shut off the compressor I can hear a hissing coming from the pressure pot. Any ideas?? Any help would be awesome, I'm just afraid that I got ripped off on the pressure pot. Faulty O ring maybe? If it was just a bad O ring wouldn't the gauge still go up? Please help!

Posted by Green Skin
on Sunday, August 30, 2009
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Green Skin -
Sunday, August 30, 2009
hmm, didn't even think of the gauge. I'll try replacing it.
leafman343 -
Sunday, August 30, 2009
You could try the old soap test. Put soapy water on all the fittings while the compressor is running, if you see a lot of bubbles forming at one of the joints, that's where your leak is (yes, real professionals do this test ).

Its entirely possible though, that you don't have a leak but just a broken gauge. The hiss you hear from the pressure pot after the compressor is off might be a release valve depressurizing the pot for safety reasons.
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