Can anyone make any figure they want?
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Can anyone make any figure they want?

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I was just wondering I need someone to study under. There are so many actually toys lines, not just one figure I want to make. Can anyone be of help? I think most professionals use the program rhino and poser, so I'm going to try and learn those. Any advice, people willing to help?

Posted by GreenRanger1
on Tuesday, September 29, 2009
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Green Skin -
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Someone still has to do the orignal sculpt.I'd be willing to bet money the programs your talking about are used to make reference pics.

Also check out the, its a prototyping machine you can build for cheap.
GreenRanger1 -
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Physical figures. I want to learn to make anything I want. I know you can use rhino and other programs to create the figures and have machines prototype them. If anyone wants to help me out let me know, either way.
Top-notch comix -
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
you should talk to Sephiroth... he was talking about making a toy company a while ago
Green Skin -
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
So are you talking about computer graphics, or physical figures?
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