Neca ryu torso articulation help
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Neca ryu torso articulation help

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So I just got Neca Street fighter Ryu, and Ken, Ken doesn't present any trouble but ryu does
I removes his kimono, and it left white marks all over the body, and the torso articulation won't move, it's like I'm trying to bend and iron bar. I don't understand cause Ken articulations are fine
as you can see that's the sort of articulation I'm talking about, didn't find any similar picture of ryu, but body is the same, by the way photo is from our well know realmer Kyle Robinson.

So any help in how to force this articulation to move would be helpfull.

Posted by MrGore
on Friday, January 8, 2010
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MrGore -
Friday, January 8, 2010
managed to do it, it was a long story
first I removed kimono, cutting the side line, I learned I shouldn't have cut, but instead try to break the glue on the side line, I'll post some pics later to show what I mean

Second I tried to slide in the exacto knife, and it broke...

Then I used heat and pop to remove head, grabbed him by the neck and forced the articulation backwards, pressing my thumb on his back, instead of applying strength for long periods of time, I recommend just one instance of strength, but put all your power on it.

Anyways mission accomplished??? No, because before I removed the kimono one leg broke, I have no idea why, since I had to apply brute strength to force one knee articulation to give in, and the leg that broke was the other one, all I did was lift him up from the table by the leg, and it broke!!! Weird...

anyways now that torso articulation was working it was time to fix the leg, I used pretty much Kyle Robinson tutorial, in how to fix this to Sota figure, the articulation is different but same principle applies.

So The main difference is that the screw head must go into the crouch, instead of the leg, so I used the drill an hole through his "male" parts technique, but it happens that, unlike Marvel legend figures, the torso is holding the crouch together, and not the other way around!

Anyways I now needed to crack the torso open, so all my efforts in bending the articulation were futile

So I seen on some tutorials how to do it, I grabbed my dremmel again and dremeled an hole below the arm pit, torso wouldn't crack, so drilled another one 3 or 4 millimetres bellow that, still no crack, so I drilled bellow the other arm pit, and guess what? Right!!! No crack! Neca paints are better that Super Glue, lol.

Now I was sort of mad and desperate, I tried to drill the hole in the lower torso part, although I seen on tutorials that usually the upper torso cracks first, but my only remaining hope for that would be to drill above the shoulders, and I didn't want to do that.

Well that didn't work either, so I did the same on the other side, and after lot's of forcing those 2 last holes, plus the one in his crouch, it finally cracked just he lower torso but that was all I needed to fix the legs

So I used the stuck disk on the leg with a screw to fix it, glue back the crouch with the legs, and just thought that I should have taken pics so I could make a leg fix tutorial, but it's to late, I'll take some pics of what's left to do, so it may still help some one.
Whiskeytango -
Friday, January 8, 2010
Don't forget the freezer method either. I'd give that a shot, just be very careful when you attempt it, don't force it too hard.
Darththomas -
Friday, January 8, 2010
Hmmmm?, other than brute force that might break it, maybe try sliding an exacto blade in and trying to trim down the paint or maybe even the plastic. You could also try cracking open the torso but I reckon this should be a last resort.
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