Won an awesome lot off ebay, what should i do with it?
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Won an awesome lot off ebay, what should i do with it?

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Just won a lot that was 3 HML SHIELD agents + 1 Ultimare Nick Fury. I have a ton of both of these guys already, but they're both great bases. However, I'm kind of stuck on ideas for what to do with them. Any ideas?

Posted by Whiskeytango
on Sunday, February 7, 2010
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MrGore -
Monday, February 8, 2010
Blade doesn't wear the long coat now, he used to wear it, he got lots of different looks, anyways I don't like beeing accurate either comics or movies, I like mxing up what I like the best in all versions and do my own. But that's me, you do what you like better.

Can't's wait to see how your BatMan will turn out.
Whiskeytango -
Sunday, February 7, 2010
All good ideas

I've already got a Gambit in works, but the Blade thing is a good idea. However, I've been thinking lately that I don't really want to do any movie versions of anyone, and the comic version of blade isn't known for a trench coat. Oh well, who said you have to be comic accurate.

I don't think it'd be any use to make a classic punisher out of one of the agents though... considering this mold was first used to make the classic punisher.

Funny you should suggest using one of the agent heads for norman osborn. I actually already did that for my Iron Patriot.

Batman is a good idea. It'd be my first DC custom, so it'd be fitting that it be of the only DC character I like. I kind of wanted to make my first Batman out of of Conan for that stockier, The Dark Knight Returns kind of look, but still a great idea.
MrGore -
Sunday, February 7, 2010
I sugest using the coat either for a Blade or a Gambit figure.

The Nick Fury head I don't know cause it's hard to sculp the eye over the eye patch, and besides Nick Fury I don't know who else wears an eye patch, you could use it to make a Nick fury, you could make the regular marvel fury, but leave the goatee, just scult some hair and repaint, it would look cool.

One of the agents could be used for a classic punisher

You could make a Green goblin with one, that face of the agent looks like can be easily turned into Norman Osborn face, or Ares, but this agents' aren't big enough for ares.

A batman would also be a nice transformation for an agent.
Whiskeytango -
Sunday, February 7, 2010
It is pretty much perfect for that. The only problem I can see with it is that I'm using the same base for my deadpool, and it seems like bob should be a little smaller than him.
Green Skin -
Sunday, February 7, 2010
Bob Agent of Hydra,
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