Beginner. Any advice?
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Beginner. Any advice?

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I've never customizing a figure before but have been interested in doing so for a long time. I had a few questions I was hoping could get answered:
-What size (6" or 3/4" is the best to start out with?
-What tools will I need?
-What paints should I use? I have acrylics but not modeling ones.
-How much should I expect to spend?
-Whats the best way to get spare parts?

Anything else that anybody feels I should know is welcomed as well.

Posted by SpiderManTat
on Tuesday, February 9, 2010
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010
^ everything he said

I use craft paints too, guess great minds think alike , heh, welcome to the Realm by the way...
bobtheodd -
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
First I always suggest anybody new check out the tutorial section.
I want to say all of your questions are good ones. Their are no right or wrong answers to any of them, just the personal preference of the customizer.
1. Most people work in the 1/12 scale or 6". But we have a few who work on 3 3/4 scale(gijoe) and even 1/6 scale(12inch). If you collect, work on the scale that will best fit in your collection.
2. Basic tools, xacto, superglue, needle nose pliers(or tweezers) and paint/brushes, at a base. Other handy things are Dremal, drill, a wide selection of pliers,screwdrivers and bandaids(cause you will cut yourself). Safety equimpment: Goggle/glasses, rubber glues and masks(for work with some chemicals).
3.This is a personal preference thing, I use cheapo craft paints, but most people would warn you away from them.
4. This depends on what you are trying to do and the parts you use. It can range from a couple of bucks to much more.
5. Ebay, flea markets, dollar stores. Basiclly any place that will sell figures cheap.
Hope that helps.
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