Need help to fix my oops....
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Need help to fix my oops....

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I was trying to remove a head from JLU Green Lantern figure. Unfortunately, I ripped the bottom of the peg off and it is now stuck in the figure. Any easy solution besides taking the body apart? I guess, if anyone can suggest a solution to remove the peg or at least make it stop rattling and what is a good substitute for the base of the peg?

Posted by luigi
on Sunday, April 18, 2010
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Mighty Tom -
Monday, April 19, 2010
when you say stuck in the figure do you mean its stuck in the neck or its some how managed to end up in the upper torso area, anyway if its stuck in the neck you could probably drill it and I recommend you you take your time with this part then get a screw a little bit bigger than the hole and screw that in and then with a pair of pliers pull it, it may take a couple or tries but it should work eventually.

another thing you could do is just leave the screw in and just sculpt over that to make a new neck peg, also there is a tutorial on here by kyle robinson I think that might be of some use to you
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