Worth making a custom out of?
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Worth making a custom out of?

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Hi guys, I'm new to customizing. I normally use figures I find at flea markets and garage sales. But I was wondering what if the figure I'm customizing is really valuable and I don't know it. I normally do wrestling customs and know most of those aren't worth much. But I've recently found some TMNT and other marvel figures for cheap and I'm not sure if I should use them to custom.

Posted by mega_star_andro
on Tuesday, May 25, 2010
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mega_star_andro -
Thursday, May 27, 2010
Yeah I tried ebay but its diff when you don't really know what it is your looking for. Yeah one of the TMNT that I started customizing went for like 10bucks on ebay but it took me forever to find it on there. I started going to garage sales in the hopes of finding old wrestling figures for cheap but never found any. But I do have a hook-up at a flea market that has more loose wrestling figures than I can shake a stick at. I'll post some pics and see if any of you guys want to trade for wrestling stuff as I don't think I'll be using this these. I think I wanna stick to wrestling cos it's what I know best. I loved comics and turtles back in the day but don't have time for them now.
pock63 -
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I consider my self a exspert on the TMNT line so feal frea to post a pic or pm it to me and I can tell you if there worth anything.
Green Skin -
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
I'd post a pic. Seems the easiest way to find out if they are worth anything, seeing as someone on the Realm would know if they were or not. Otherwise consult a price guide. Or Search Ebay for them, that should give you an idea for what it's worth.
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