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Hi guys n gals ?
Does anyone have a way to make a silersurfer surfboard ? I fanally managed to get a silver surfer ...just no board and I`m stressin out trying to make one , also whats the best silver to use ?
chainmail ? gunmetal ? any help would be awesome ...



Posted by zombieforhire
on Thursday, September 30, 2010
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PAINTcustoms -
Sunday, October 3, 2010
hey bud. So u didn't get a board, thats balls! lol Personally I think the Hasbro Silver surver has the better head/body however it is lacking in articulation. What I did with mine was cut away a little bit of the lower plastic by ankle joint to allow him to glide paralell with the board. Now as for a board, you have a couple options. Go to a hardware supply store, buy a small sheet of lucite/ clear plastic, try n get 1/16" draw out your pattern, and cut away a rough large version, and sand/dremel to perfect size, u can make the foot pegs by finding a cylindrical piece of metal and heat it up, insert is plastic, and cut excess length off when it cools. My other idea/option would be to buy a Aluminum Reducer (you know the metal strip that will join a room with carpet w/ a room vinyl floor?) get a really wide one, and it should have raised lines on it, perfect for ur surfer, plus u won't have to paint it, and it will never fade chip of rub. just trace and cut like the other material, grind and sand to reach perfect shape. Personally I think this is the best idea. it may cost a few bucks, but I just find it easier to look around, garbage, work sites, home, etc. Im doing flooring now so I run into all kinds of random shnit. Let me know how this turn out for you. If you are doing any painting for ur surfer, USE ONLY DUPLICOLOR CHROME it is simply the best, however U NEED TO PRIME IT!!! lol I painted my surfer n board, and ya pretty much ruined it bcz I didn't prime it. now I gotta strip it. but im too lazy. Im doing a cosmic spider man, and his lower torso is that of surfer, I repainted him and it is a MIRROR finish if u do it rite. so there ya go, hope that helps!
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