DC Universe Classics Custom Help
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DC Universe Classics Custom Help

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Just need a little bit of an assist in regards to some pointers in customizing using DC Universe Classics figures as my base figure.

First off, I'm wondering how everyone else works around the shoulder joint in regards to repainting it. The shoulder ball itself is pretty easy to work with, howver the thin plate like piece that fits into the shoulder itself is not easy to work with. Every time I have painted this piece on any figure, I have had to deal with paint rub. My question in regards to this issue for the other customizers who have used DC Universe Classics is how do you get around this issue?

Second, I am trying to customize a Doctor Chaos figure (from New Adventures of Superboy #25) using a DC Universe Classics Doctor Fate. My issue in regards to this is the collar. On Doctor Chaos, we have a collar that sticks right up (it looks very similar to Mister Miracle). What I am considering doing is using the collar from a DC Universe Classics Mister Miracle and attaching it to the Doctor Fate cape, but I have no idea on how I would do this. Can anyone out there give me a few pointers on how this can be done?

Posted by manomight1974
on Tuesday, November 2, 2010
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manomight1974 -
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Thanks for the assisto the cap. Doctor Chaos seems to be coming along really well. I went with the attaching the Mister Miracle collar to the Doctor Fate cape method to complete his cape. The milliput and modelling glue worked very well here. I should have the Doctor Chaos figure completed hopefully by next week, and I look forward to any and all comments on him once he's done.

OneUpMario -
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ratfink has made a video tutorial on how to eliminate joint rub.. Watch the video!
...youtube. com/watch?v=ekKjQMuq2PA


hmmm... There are all sorts of ways to tackle it. Maybe you can cut what you need off and glue it to the other and do cosmetic sculpting to make it "pretty" or you can just up right sculpt what you need. I'm a bigger fan of just sculpting collars than trying to combine 2 parts. Plus, you got the look you want with the other collar, so you can sculpt with a reference!

Good luck, Keep us updated!
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