Trimming Hair
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Trimming Hair

Posted in Custom Workstation

I'm new to the boards and just started making custom figures myself after reading all the tutorials and stuff. I've a 12 inch Invisible Girl whose hair I'd like to shorten but can't seem to find any info on how to do this. Obviously I could just start cutting, but once it's done it's done and I fear messing it up. So any tips anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by packerbacker180
on Tuesday, January 4, 2011
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packerbacker180 -
Friday, January 7, 2011
Cool. Thanks for the knowledge.
Darththomas -
Friday, January 7, 2011
I'd say painting then heating would prolly mess up the paint, I did it on one of mine after painting and glue shielding and the paint and glue just came away from the plastic . So, I reccomend fixing it back on then painting.
packerbacker180 -
Thursday, January 6, 2011
Ok, exacto was pretty easy, but here's my final question for the experts on this matter. If I paint the hair then boil and pop it back on, will the acryllic paint be affected by the heat? Should I wait until after it's back on the body? I need to paint the hair and the flesh, so I'd hate to run into problems with heat. Hair dryer maybe? Would be easier to paint then put head back on, but if that will lead to a problem I could paint after head is back on. Any thoughts?

Thanks guys, for answering.
packerbacker180 -
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Thanks guys. I'm still hesitant to try, but still need to paint the body so I'm holding off. Suppose the best way to go about it would be to heat it up and use an exacto? After that, how would I touch up the ends? Never used anything for sculpting. All the customs I've done so far were just paint and head swaps, so this is new for me.
Patraw -
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Yeah, cutting too much hair off is always a danger (I know I've gone overboard on more than one occasion and regretted it)--I'd recommend erring on the side of caution when you're cutting it. I'd probably go with a little longer length than what you actually want, that way you give yourself some wiggle room. Like Finn said, you can always add more hair with epoxy or whatever too if you mess up (although if you're planning on keeping her transparent, your choice of sculpting materials is obviously going to be limited).

You know what's funny? I was actually in a thrift store a while back and saw a 12" Invisible Woman with her hair cut--maybe your future self traveled back in time and put it there?
Finn Varra -
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Hack it off into a rough cut and finish the details with the sculpt material of your choice.
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