zombie spidey WIP
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zombie spidey WIP

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got rid of the nasty photo effect. New pics better pics please comment on the sculpting I am looking to improve my technique. this is only my third attempt I will say I was pleased but it deff has a long way to go. again comments and criticism welcome, give me your Best/Worst.

right gnarled up leg with broken unfinished bone.I wanted to capture the broken leg but maintain mobility and articulation.

right leg front

shot of right leg bone damage

left arm damage

I wanted you to be abel to look in and see the leg bones line up and all the tendons that were severed.

back of the right leg

back of left leg. I wanted it to look like the suit had ripped when his ham string was cut and it just flopped out.

exposed spine and ripped outfit

left leg damage

arm damage

left profile

right profile


full body shot

Posted by Automatauntaun
on Monday, January 24, 2011
User Comments
Automatauntaun -
Thursday, January 27, 2011
Me too. Zombies actually pissed me off. I just thought it was dumb. ( no offense to anyone that likes it.)
But I read it. Still felt it was whatever. Neat if you were a writer to do something different? But whatever.
But after I got that sipdey from you I was like
" he's so cool, what do I with him? " then a friends b day came up and I was like
" I have been promising him some artwork for forever?" And like all my customs
My gf was like " make him a figure." and it clicked. He lies zombie spidey! He has all the statues, mini mates and figs! And everytime I go to his house ingrimice at the marvel select spidey zombie fit....
It sucks...hard. So their it is. So I posted it to Fb and another friend already ordered one for his kid!
So I owe you for more then just being patient! And thanks for all the nice words.
But someone better come up with critasisume soon! I know I can better I just need direction!
Dagger -
Thursday, January 27, 2011
Looks great. I wasn't a big fan of the zombie spin on the comics, but I'm a big fan of your custom work. Keep it up.
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