Help disassembling Marvel Universe legs
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Help disassembling Marvel Universe legs

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Okay, I just started collecting Marvel Universe figures, but I've ran into a problem. I have Captain Marvel and Dark Wolverine, and both of them have the wrong feet on the wrong legs (I.e. left foot on right leg & vice versa). I really just want to sort this problem out, but before I mess with it, I thought I'd ask to make sure- should the heat & pop method work? I had heated up DW's leg and gave it a good solid pull, but it didn't seem to want to come out.

Oddly enough, the Captain Marvel figure is even more messed up- it has the wrong bottom half of the legs on the wrong sides as well, so technically it has the right feet on the right sides, but I'm going to have to switch them out along with the bottom legs.

Any tips? I had a hell of a time getting these two (had to finally just order Dark Wolverine from the Hasbro Toy Shop), and as they are, they absolutely can't stand up. Thanks in advance!

Posted by chupacabra24
on Wednesday, February 16, 2011
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Darththomas -
Thursday, February 17, 2011
Yeah I found the Universe pegs are quite long and take a bit of pulling to get out, only advice I can offer is get the plastic nice and hot, I usually use boiled water in a cup and let it sit there for about two minutes.
chupacabra24 -
Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Actually the more I examine it (and compare it to the other Wolverine I have), it looks more like the feet are on the right sides- I think they just put the ankle posts that go up into the leg either on the wrong side or backwards, so the feet themselves are tilted outwards. (The Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is still completely fubar.) And while I'll settle for just switching the feet out- at least he'll be able to stand, it won't be THAT big of a deal- is there any decently easy way of popping that ankle peg out of the foot to turn that around?

Here's a pic:
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