Newbie- Early customs
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Newbie- Early customs

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Hey guys, I'm Zero, I'm new to the site.
I just recently got into figure customizing, mostly Marvel Legends figures. I've already made an X-Force Wolverine with metal claws(original, right?), an X-23, and a custom Carnage figure(Spiderman Classics). I've had a lot of success, and am very happy with these figures, except for one little thing... I've been getting serious paint rub at the joints with X-23 and Wolverine. Any tips? I used Testors Model Master Acryl paints, and did NOT seal the figures... I did a test spray of a sealer I got and HATED the finish. I'd appreciate any help. If needed I can put some pictures up. Thank you a ton!


Posted by blackzero93
on Friday, March 18, 2011
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BDCdiesel -
Saturday, March 19, 2011
I buy these tubes from Home depot, called the Original Super Glue. The tubes themselves are white with a yellow front and a red cap. I get the ten pack. and they dry crystal clear. I have also coated joints with lots of success. I can't stress the importance of letting the paint cure fully though, it is a huge help.

If you are removing paint you applied your self, I use alcohol swabs and they work well for me. I also get these thin sanding sponges from Home depot and they work really well for removing factory paint without degrading the surface too much. Some people say Acetone removes factory paint well, but I can't verify that. Try it on a figure you don't care about first.

Good luck
blackzero93 -
Saturday, March 19, 2011
Thanks guys, that's really helpful. What kind of superglue do you recommend? When I use it I always end up with this gross white flaky stuff that makes everything really ugly. And I tried the layers of thin paint thing with a lot of success, what's a good way to remove the paint that's already on there without jacking up the plastic beneath? I'm mainly needing to do this for x-23's stomach area(psylocke body) and I want it to be as smooth as a baby's bottom! Haha, thanks again for the quick responses.
BDCdiesel -
Friday, March 18, 2011
A customizer named NORM told me this once. Let the figure sit for 24 hours and let the paint fully cure before reassembling or moving the joints. This has saved me from a lot of sanding and carving in the past. I used to get so pissed over paint rub, then finally I took his advice, and he was right. Granted, sometimes a joint is gonna be too tight and you might have to sand it, but this is a good way to see whether you really need to or not.
pock63 -
Friday, March 18, 2011
There are many effective ways to fix joint rub.

1. carve or sand the joint down slightly,
2. die the joint with ink for the base coat,
3. use many thin layers of paint,
4. cover the areas that are rubbing with a thin layer of clear super glue to protect them,

I hope this helps.
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