Transformer Custom Combiner Legends Scale Advice Needed!
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Transformer Custom Combiner Legends Scale Advice Needed!

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Hello people who are reading this!

I am Very new at Transformers Customizing, and Figure Customization in general! I have a few small projects which seem pretty easy but I want some good advice from the Pro's out there!

I plan on customizing about 5 Transformers R.I.D. SpyChangers and one Animated Legends figure. and I want 4 of these SpyChangers plus the Legends figure to some how Combine by building a body the turns into a Truck Trailer! But I need advice for a few things.

1.) I possibly want to create new heads for at least a few of these figures but I'm not sure what is the best way to do so. My friend suggested I Sulpt the head of face out of clay, then buy a special plastic that can be boiled with water and then become flexible to mold and when it hardens you have a nice piece out of it! =3 But the heads are super tiny, so I wanted to know if I should go with this plan, or if there is a better way! The heads I want to possibly sulpt will be;

Kup-I plan on turing the SpyChanger IronHide pick up truck into Kup and all I want to sculpt is his head, the rest can just be re painted.

Animated MotorMaster-BotCon just designed the entire Stunticon team for TF Animated, and I plan on repainting the Legends Animated Optimus Prime, into Animated MotorMaster but he needs his "Box" head! XD The rest can simply be repainted!

and perhaps another few heads for some Spy changers but those two are the most absolute important heads I Must make!

2.) My other Huge project is that I am planning on creating a Legends Scale Combiner of the Stunticons using 4 Spychangers repainted to create the arms and legs (DragStrip, BreakDown, WildRider, DeadEnd) and using the Legends Animated MotorMaster as the "Body" But I want to completely create from scratch a Trailer for that MotorMaster which will be the Real Body case. I have an idea how I might create that, but I have no clue how I will attach the SpyChangers the the knees and Shoulder Joints. I was considering possibly some how using some Bionicle pieces (like the ball joint pieces) to give the arms and Legs some movement, but have no idea how to attach Those to the Figures with out ruining them, because when all this is done, I want Each character to be able to Transform into Robot, Alt Mode, and Combine.
This is the the biggest Challenge for me, and I wanted to see if anyone had some ideas how I could pull this off. In the Mean time I'll be creating idea's of my own!

Thanks to all who read and or give some kinda advice! And if you don't have Actual advice, what do you think of my project plans to re-create SpyChanger Kup, and the entire Stunticon team including a completely original Trailer for them! =D

-Count Ramsely

Posted by Count_Ramsely
on Wednesday, April 13, 2011
User Comments
Automatauntaun -
Monday, August 29, 2011
Yes, I want together my hands on some trasformers. Frenzy rumble dose some MIND BLOWING stuff on
BUT I would love to see more of that on here too.
RedRebelCustoms -
Monday, August 29, 2011
If you mean the lack of kitbashing, scratchbuilds, mods and the tutorials and how-to's for transformers I am in complete agreeance. We definately need some more technical guys to post in these areas but the repaints on here are Fantastic!
shahzadkb -
Saturday, August 20, 2011
There seems a great effort but practial work has to be done yet
RedRebelCustoms -
Monday, July 4, 2011
It's still active. I had an old link for it. The 2005? Not sire what that is about. Maybe they put the year in the domain name. If you look under the name at the top it says 2000 -2010, hasn't been changed since it said ten years . Check out the other forums. Last post I saw said June 29, 2011. Oh it's actually 4 sites if you look at the top, hisstank, thundercats, and toyark as well.
Automatauntaun -
Monday, July 4, 2011
Tfw2005 is the custom thread still active? I went their and the last posts seem to
Be at 2009?
RedRebelCustoms -
Saturday, July 2, 2011
Hmm.. This site may be of more help! Not too many transformer customs of that magnitude on here. I'd love to see your finished product though!
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