Help With Custom Head Material...
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Help With Custom Head Material...

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Hello Everyone!

I'm very new to custom figure making, in my case I'm looking to make custom figures in the style of the old AWA Remco figures. My thing with the figures is that I want to create molds of all the different body parts so I can basically make them from scratch once I have the molds. The big problem I've come across is that I can't find any reference to what sort of rubber is being used for the heads and where I can get some. I've found the plastic for the body, nothing for the head though.

If you're not familiar with the AWA Remco line of figures the heads are essentially the same exact thing as the Masters of the Universe heads that were used or the Lost World of the Warlord or even the Karate Kid line from Remco.

Thanks so much for any help I can get.

Posted by Tuesday
on Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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leafman343 -
Friday, April 29, 2011
Yeah you could use a latex. What you would have to do is sculpt the head out of clay, make a mold and then coat the inside of the mold with the latex. future_trunks used a similar process on his swampthing custom: ... w&id=29131
mega_star_andro -
Friday, April 29, 2011
If your talking about rubbery head that "squish" and then retain shape I'm not sure your gonna find something that isn't for industial use, you might try to find a latex like the one they use to coat tool handles, rubber dip its called, just some ideas, would like to see these customs when finished tho
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