need help with testors acrylics remaing sticky
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need help with testors acrylics remaing sticky

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my first post here
(I tried to post once, it never seem to have come up, I apologize if I post twice)
I'm big time into batman customs
I'll get around to submitting them all real soon

I used to use the $1 cheap arylics, some were great...some were not
now I use the testors acrylics (expensive) but they apply smooth and are much more durable

I've been having issues with testors arylics remaining sticky after drying, or almost like never drying on certain types of materials
like soft rubber, bendable rubber plastic, the soft bendy materials, not all but most, like certain type of figure's hair, cape, skirt, cloak, sports jacket
also having the problem on hardened sculpy
even a week after being painted its sticky to the touch, sticky enough that touching it takes the paint off, and if it falls on the floor, its collectors dust/hair big time
you touch it with your finger and you have paint on you, and you can see where it is coming off

I used a glossy black on hardened sculpy with that problem, I used a yellow, didn't seem to have the problem
the only solution I've found is if I find it remains sticky, to use paint thinner, remove it, paint it with $1 acryls, then testors on top of that so it matches the rest of the figure
this is not a good solution
I use testors dull coate to seal most of my customs I also have matte sealent
both work great, but neither fix the sticky issue

any suggestions plz

Posted by dhunter333
on Thursday, June 2, 2011
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Automatauntaun -
Thursday, June 2, 2011
Poks got the point, only other thing I can say is I use citidale, and it drys on soft goods ( soft playable rubber)
And soft plastic. Gamers workshop is great. I also dilute them with a bit of water when I put them on my palet.
pock63 -
Thursday, June 2, 2011
The reason you posts haven't come up right away is that new members posts kneed approving before they come up. This will go away after your first few posts. We use it to weed out spam bots. As for the paint it won't dry on some kinds of materials(mainly soft plastics and rubbers) I've never had the problem with hard plastics. I suggest using a different kind of paint on rubber and spraying soft plastic with a couple layers of sealant before painting it. I hope this helps you out. I had the same problem with some of my first customs.
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