Help with The Boys custom figures
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Help with The Boys custom figures

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Hi, been lurking for a fair while now and have been making my own customs for about a month now to varying degrees of success- hopefully I'll feel brave enough to upload some pics one day!

One of my favourite comics is The Boys, and I wondered if anyone had any idea of what I could use as base figures or heads for them in 6" scale (or close to 6"..I'd like them to fit in with my ML collection without massively standing out as being too small or large)?

I don't think I'm allowed to post links or images yet, so unless your familiar with the comics then I'm at your and google images mercy!

I've got a wrestler guy whos head might just be good enough for Billy Butcher, and I thought that maybe the purple 'snarly' ML X-23 might be ok for The Female, but I'm definitely open to any other suggestions!

Wee Hughie is based on Simon Pegg, however the Star Trek scottie figures likeness is appalling, and the Shaun of the Dead head is a little too big. Theres a Doctor Who 'editor' figure (Simon Pegg played him) but at 5" I fear he might be too small?

I'm completely stuck on Mother's Milk and The Frenchman though.

Also..any tips on making or buying their trademark leather jackets?

Apologies for the length of this ramble. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Love what you guys do here, constantly amazed and inspired. Thanks in advance, Ross.

Posted by Rossotron
on Wednesday, August 10, 2011
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Rossotron -
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Hey, thanks for the tips..I really like the Dolph Ziggler! I think the Finlay guy might need so much work that I'd mess it up, but thanks for the suggestion though.

Is there anywhere that casts wrestler heads?

Also..seems as if someones beaten me to it!

I'm still unsure if I can post links or not, but someones made a set of Boys customs on toymania in the custom corner. I really like their Billy Butcher and Frenchie and his Mothers Milks not too bad either.

Again, thank you all for all ofthe help- it really is appreciated.
Ole Jade Jaw -
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Hey, what's up? check out wwe elite Dolph Ziggler for Butcher and maybe, with some work, Elite Finley for M.M. hope it helps.
Rossotron -
Thursday, August 11, 2011
I hadn't thought of that! I've just made my first order from ck castings so I'd definitely bear them in mind if I find one thats too big or small. Thanks for your help!
Cosmic Fantasy Customs -
Thursday, August 11, 2011
I don't know how involved you wish to get but if you find a really awesome head you might be able to get a casting place, such as ck castings to shrink/enlarge the head. I have not spoken to them yet, but can get you there email, but there is a price involved and would not have a quote. but it might give you a bit of flexability in the customs you are making. I will see if I can offer anything else, but am yet unfamiliar with the characters, so will see what I can do.
Rossotron -
Thursday, August 11, 2011
Hey, thanks for replying- I can't believe I forgot Terror! There's gotta be a small bulldog knocking around on eBay I can use!

If you think of anyone appropriate for the others I'd really appreciate it...been looking around for a few weeks now and just don't know where to begin really- it's more the heads that I'm struggling with to be honest.

Thanks again for your help!
Ole Jade Jaw -
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
The success of human customs are always subject to the likeness and the work you put in to them. M.M. should be no problem for a wrestler. Probably elite series if you want them at 6". Look around, the more you research the existing figures, the better they will turn outl. I will think on it and look around. I like this idea a lot. I also think there is the law that doing the Boys requires a terror to go along with them... it's a federal law I think.
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