Paint bottle caps cracking
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Paint bottle caps cracking

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Anybody ever have the white plastic bottle caps on Apple Barrel brand acrylic paints crack apart on them, for no apparent reason (a horizontal crack around the diameter of the cap)? It's happened to be twice now, with both the 8 ounce gloss red and blue (hasn't happened with any matte ones yet.) In both cases, the paint leaking out of the crack dried and hardened without making a huge mess (I generally don't make it a policy to store my paints upright, they're just as likely to end up on their sides or upside down when I'm done with them.) Any idea what's causing this? Humidity/temperature fluctuations, moisture (from making paint washes inside the cap), tightening the caps too much, build-up of dried paint inside the caps, etc? Those particular paints were admittedly pretty old, although still perfectly usable (used the blue one yesterday in fact, which is how I discovered the crack), but I have other colors that are just as ancient, and those bottles are fine.

Posted by Patraw
on Friday, August 26, 2011
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Cosmic Fantasy Customs -
Friday, August 26, 2011
could be any one of those issues, but most likely an imperfection in the cap itself. some tools will last a decades and some within days look ancient. but you could try wrapping the cap part with duct tape (tight yet loose), another solution could be plasti-dip, but would be a bit complicated for the inside part (so as not to get covered). hope this helps.
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