MOTU 200x loincloths
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MOTU 200x loincloths

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Hey Guys, I was wanting to know how do attach a MOTU 200x belt to a different body? I have seen a lot of awesome customs using the 200x accesories ( specifically the loincloth) on a different body but can't figure out how to attach them? I know how to remove them but the figure they come from is left with a gap and the body I want to use doesn't have one. Do you just trim the excess rubber and glue it on to the waist or is there a way to wedge it between the halves? Thanks for the help!

Posted by bjpalm1994
on Monday, September 26, 2011
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bjpalm1994 -
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Cool! I actually picked up a 200x He-Man in a group of figures I bought with no weapons so I might try it with him and see how I do. I never realized how much of a gap it leaves when you take off those belts Thanks again!
Darththomas -
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
It depends on the figure you're attaching to, if it has the gap it's easier. Example, my Ram-man using Mongul as a base had the gap so it was pretty easy to just remove from the 200x figure then fit it in the gap. If the base has no gap, like most of my others, he-man, Man-at-arms, Stratos and Zodak then yeah like you said just trim off the excess rubber in the middle then glue it round the waist. Something to bear in mind though is that the loin cloths are the kind of rubber that becomes sticky with some sealants. Hope that helps mate.
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