props for customs and dioramas??
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props for customs and dioramas??

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I have seen some people's customs and they have cool things in the backgrounds of their pics, such as dumpsters and trash cans etc. Where can you get things like that? or does everyone just make their own props??? I am pretty creative, just lookin to fill up a diorama with out having to scratch build everything.

Posted by CAb00se
on Tuesday, January 3, 2012
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bobtheodd -
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Totally forgot about printable minis, if you want to go that route:
May not be exactly what your looking for.
Clif52 -
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
A lot of diorama stuff is available as free card stock models. You download the file in PDF or JPEG, buy 110 lb card stock at Walmart or the office supply store and print it out on your inkjet. Color laser printer looks good but the toner tends to chip off sometimes especially in fold areas. I like to use my inkjet printer, then spray it with hairspray to seal the ink before I start building. I just finished a Huey helicopter and it turned out great. I cut out all the parts and glued it together with regular old Elmer's Glue. A couple of very important steps in card stock models is using a stylus or an old worn out ballpoint pen to score the folds and touching up the edge of the paper with colored pencils or markers so the white edges of the paper don't show. After I finished I coated the whole thing with resin to make it more durable and then sprayed it with a clear matte finish Krylon. It looks like a real helicopter. I've had several people think it was a plastic model kit. You can buy card stock models on the web very cheaply, and very detailed. I just bought a P51 Mustang fighter with folding landing gear and a completely detailed cockpit. Once you get the model just figure out the size you need to build it and enlarge it when you print it. Some of the gaming sites have kits for all of the props as cardstock models for sale as well. has a kit here: ... g&cat_id=1

Here Mayhem City Street props that should have everything you need. ... roduct=176
You just have to figure out how much to blow up the images when you print them out.

Mayhem City has really good buildings, props, and signage. For action figures I'd print out the graphics and build it out of foamcore with the graphics glued on with spray glue, glue stick, or decoupage glue. You can build the whole building with a removable roof or wall and you can display inside and outside the building.

Patraw -
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
If you're looking to build your own stuff, it might be worth your time to check out a book from your local library on making doll house furniture--seriously, I found one in the library at the next town over and there were all sorts of great ideas and techniques in there.
CAb00se -
Tuesday, January 3, 2012
cool, thanks, for the info guys. I appreciate the help!
Ole Jade Jaw -
Tuesday, January 3, 2012
I've seen those small (pineapple) juice cans look good as barrels and the junky figure factory toys come with cool crates. Check out Cap. Ron's Weapon x Lab. Not only is it awesome, but he explains a lot of what he used. I wish I could do some, but real estate is at a premium around my house and they just take up too much space. DO IT!!
Shinigami -
Tuesday, January 3, 2012
You should look after some Marvel Select figures, they have great diorama pieces. Movie Wolverine comes with a dumpster for example.
bobtheodd -
Tuesday, January 3, 2012
You have 3 options(for the most part)
1. You build it.
2. Find figures that happen to have props and accessories that might come in handy.
3. Search Ebay for 1/12 scale(6inch) or 1/18 scale(3 3/4) for doll house minis.
That would be my suggestions to you. In most cases you will have to do all the above to get exactly what you want.
I build most of the stuff for my dioramas.
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