Robot Chicken style MOTU customs???
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Robot Chicken style MOTU customs???

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I have been watching a lot of Robot Chicken lately and I realize I don't know for sure how they do a few things on the show with there figures.

1) How did they customize the Masters of the Universe figures to be able to stretch there elbows without being able to see any point of articulation?

2) How did they make there Lion-O have bendable legs while hiding the articulation?

I decided I want to take a stab at attempting figures with this type of articulation, but I am not sure where to begin. Are they using some sort of flexible sculpey that I don't know about to hide the articulation in the elbows (He-Man) and knees (Lion-O)?

Another question I have that relates to this topic of me customizing Masters of the Universe figures, I have been seeing on the Bay that a lot of the Masters figures legs get weird because of some sort of rubber band articulation in the legs. Is there any way to replace the rubber band with something more like the leg articulation on the original Ninja Turtle line?

So to summarize what I need information about would be how do the creators at Robot Chicken hide the articulation in parts of there figures ( Are they splicing parts with bendy toys?) and is there anyway to alter the legs conecction points on the Masters of the Universe figures to something more permanent then rubber bands? I would post some Tube links but I don't know if this is allowed. Thank you for any feedback you can offer cause I would love to have more articulated classic versions of these iconic characters.

Posted by KirkyMonster1983
on Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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