How do I get a business proposition out there?
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How do I get a business proposition out there?

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So its not much of a leap to imply that I've been having a big time doing mass effect customs. Thing is that I've shot through the characters I like. So I thought, hey, we all have our own personal Shepard, how do I tell people that I'll make their Shepard? I want to run a little business building Shep's of all genders for about 45 - 55 a figure. Which I feel is fair considering base cost, work, and supplies. It'd just be a mostly flat rate business. How do I start this business and would you be interested?

Posted by 50percentJoe
on Saturday, April 28, 2012
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RedRebelCustoms -
Monday, April 30, 2012
Oh, forgot to add bobtheodd is right about Facebook also. Be sure to join some of the customizing pages there you can post your stuff on those as well. More exposure = more buyers and more commissioms. Just be sure with commissions you agree on the terms and get at least the $ for materials up front. A paypal account is useful for that. If you don't get the money and agree on terms. The client could bail on payment or decide they want a ton more stuff done. Then it's a fight to get paid and you may end up eating the cost of a custom!
RedRebelCustoms -
Monday, April 30, 2012
When I get my site up and running again, there will be a free adspace for customs. Ebay is a decent option, especially if you list under custom marvel legends or are making T-Formers under that listing. I would recommend places like ecrater or ebid as well. Do as many sites as you can keep up with. You could showcase your stuff for free by setting up a or similar free host. Many customizers have used as their host. You can always link your other sites back there for more pics of your work. A facebook and twitter account are also useful. Blogger is cool if you wanna do a WIP type setup. Deviantart is a useful site as well and there is a special group for customizers. Then you have ,, etc. These sites will spotlight work sometimes. Joining the customcoalition allows you to put a banner to help build trust with buyers. Then you have sites like thefwoosh, actionfigureblues,, tfaw2005, hisstank, customizerproboards, and others that fans and enthusiasts follow that allow you to setup a thread for your work. Not as great as figurerealm but they have brought me commissions here and there.
50percentJoe -
Sunday, April 29, 2012
Sounds like a plan, I was debating craigslist, but felt the market there would be way to broad and unfocused. A facebook page it shall be... now to think of a good name for it...
bobtheodd -
Saturday, April 28, 2012
Easiest way would be to start a Facebook page(cause almost everyone and their mother is on there) to generate contacts. Join groups and showcase your stuff. Sell a few that you have made, or at least offer them for sale. If they are good then before to long you should get hit up for commissions.
Thats my 2 cents.
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