Tamiya Brush Acrylics
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Tamiya Brush Acrylics

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I wanted to ask, I am currently working on an Iron Patriot figure. I had done one in the past and was quite successful, but maybe I am forgetting some things. On my first one I used the Tamiya clear colors over top of the drybrushed silver over black combo. It worked out very well. This time I am using the same thing, but it seems like it is taking the clear colors a long time to cure. They are dry to the touch, but if I hold the figure on a part that was painted 2 days ago, it gets a fingerprint! Anyone else use the same paints? Is it possible it may take days for it to fully cure? It has been 2 years since I used these paints, but they are still very liquid. If anyone has any advice on paint, I would love to hear it because I just got a Stealth Strike Mark IV that I want to paint as a movie version Mark IV the same way. I was looking into the Gunze colors, but not sure if they would work well.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Posted by Darth Veach
on Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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RedRebelCustoms -
Saturday, May 19, 2012
Hmm.. try using thinner layers and clean your brush between coats. It may be clumping in the brush. If that doesn't work try dilluting the pot some moisture may have escaped over time. Also of the figures base layer is pourous it may cause extra paint to get trapped and take longer to dry.If not. What O.J.J. said, get a new pot!
Darth Veach -
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
I have stirred and shaken them very well. They don't seem gummy or anything. It seems the areas that have a thicker coating are the problems. I think I remember Tamiya taking some time to cure but after this long, I am surprised. I'd hate to strip it and start again, but if it doesn't cure in another day or two, I'm gonna have to!!
Ole Jade Jaw -
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
While I can't tell you what is causing it, I can say that that ain't right. Are they shaken back together? Sometimes they serapate after a long time. Otherwise, I highly recommend just getting a new pot.
Good luck.
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