Remove Gimmick and adding articulation
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Remove Gimmick and adding articulation

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So I was sure to put this in the Trading Post or the Custom Help, so I decided to put it in both. I am still new to customizing figures and have no experience with it so I'm looking for help for two figures I have. Both figures have gimmicks where you push a button or move something and their arms go up and down. So I would like to have this gimmick (for both figures) to be removed. And with the gimmick removed I would want shoulder swivels added so the figures have normal articulation. Also these figure are sort of old and have one piece arms meaning they don't have elbow joints or wrist joints (one of them has wrist joints actually). So if possible I'd like elbow joints added as well. One of the figures is Mattel The Batman (animated) Bane. The gimmick works by pressing his torso back and his arms will raise up. So as I said before I'd want the gimmick removed and have shoulder swivels put in and MAYBE elbow joints put in. I say maybe for the elbow joints b/c I couldn't really find many of these figures online for sale so if the figure gets messed up it may be hard or expensive to get another one of the figure. The other figure is a Toy Biz X-Men 2099 MetalHead figure. This one works by pushing a lever down on the back and one arm goes up and then the other goes down. So for this guy I'd like the gimmick removed but I don't necessarily need or want the lever removed b/c it may be hard to sculpt in the whole. Then I'd like both the shoulder and elbow articulation added to this figure. This figure is not the rare or expensive so it would be easy to replace if it was messed up.

So I can try and make a trade for this to be done but I don't really have much to trade, so it would be better if you would take a payment through paypal.

If you are interested or would like to help, please feel free to pm me and tell what you think or if you can do it. Thanks

Posted by Hulk34
on Thursday, July 26, 2012
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Hulk34 -
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
I Do have front and back pictures of both figures but I am unable to post them to show you
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