A few Questions/statements
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A few Questions/statements

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I have a few questions,1: I have been really been wanting a Black Manta Aqualad from young Justice: Invasion and I need a High "Techish" Body I was looking at Arkham City NightWing I was wondering did anyone have any other recommendations? 2: I saw a Custom Lagoon Boy on the site and I wanted to make that and then the "Puffer fish form" I saw that they made one out of a parasite body and I wouldn't have a problem doing one with that figure but I would want something a little bigger and...Puffier, any ideas would help.
3: Lastly I was wondering if any one had any base figures they know of that I could use to make a DC Figure, what I was looking for was something that is slim a little less buff than a Standard DCUC figure because I tried that but they are little buff and if anyone knows of a slim DCUC figure let me know, another attribute I was looking for was I need some sort of Jacket/Trench coat w/ a hood, I wouldn't mind if it didn't have a hood, but if someone could tell the sculpting "needs" to make removeable hood accessories like a down hood and up hood....Thank you, and if I confused anyone with my hard to understand ways of phrasing things I am so sorry...

Posted by BumAssAfro1
on Sunday, September 9, 2012
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BumAssAfro1 -
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Thanks Guys, Deeply Appreciated
Darththomas -
Monday, September 10, 2012
Mercury, creeper and sinestro are real skinny too.
Shinigami -
Monday, September 10, 2012
There's this super shin DCUC body used for Deadman, Abin Sur and a couple of others. There's also the Captain Boomerang body.

As for Lagoon Boy, try maybe the pre-DCUC Bane upper half?
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