Mattel Recalls Dark Knight, DC Universe, Speed Racer, + more
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Mattel Recalls Dark Knight, DC Universe, Speed Racer, + more

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Just in time for Dark Knight, Mattel blows it big-time for kids and action figure fans around the world!

Lame Personal Back Story: I had been curious since I first spotted the Dark Knight figs as to why the Movie Masters Joker was nowhere to be found, and in my area [Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale & North Miami] only Wal-Mart had the Movie Masters figs, while everyone else [TRU, KayBee, Target, Kmart etc] only had the crappy, worthless cartoonish figs with the typical crappy batman variations and a boring joker. I thought some comic-store guy's had raped the shelves and I was probably right, but then as time went by the movie masters figs vanished all together and no one had them at all. But I kept reading of people finding them and saw more show up on ebay. I thought maybe I just had terrible luck and my area just had a poor selection or ... something, I dunno! I was waiting for another shipment to come but it never came. It just didn't make sense. DK was lining up to be one of the biggest movies of the year if not ever and the movie figs were gone with no more on the way!

The Deal: Then I hear rumors of a recall. A recall?? Certainly if there was lead in the paint of the action figures for the biggest movie of all time it'd make the news or dirt sheets or the underground.. somethin! Then the terrible news hits: [ I have a link but I'm not allowed to post it ]

"Mattel is withdrawing certain limited products from retailer shelves worldwide. While these products meet with applicable local standards, the products do not meet Mattel internal specifications. Because these toys are safe, it is not necessary for us to "recall" them from the market. To confirm, no U.S. standards have been violated and no recall under federal law is warranted.

Though an exact list of the items being withdrawn by Mattel was not available, Dan did tell me that all products that were planned to be in Mattel's lines for ’08 will still be on store shelves…nothing is being dropped from this incident."

WTF does that even MEAN?! Since when does MATTEL have quality standards?! TRU offered this, the closest thing to a complete list yet available:
DC Superheroes
The Batman Shadow Tek figures
DK Movie Masters
5" DK Movie 4 pack
DK Batman on Batcycle
and Batman Begins 4.75 figures YES! Batman Begins!
Speed Racer and Kung Fu Panda

So Mattel's idea of quality standards is to release these figs, for likely one of the most popular movies of all time, where one of the leading actors tragically died creating a higher demand for the products, just long enough for scalpers to get them and stick them on ebay, then remove them from shelves just before the movie si released, so now anyone, collector, admirer, kid, parent or anxious fan, has no information when the shelves will be restocked and is FORCED to pay scalper's prices on auction sites?? Obviously mattel's standard of quality is LOW.

As a Batman, action figure and Batman action figure fan, this is the worst senario. The figs are recalled, gone, with only a vague explanation and no clue as to when or what will be returned to shelves. I was just getting into 'The Batman' cartoon, too! [those are the shadow tek figs] I actually spent today hunting those down in Walgreens, of all places, before I read this! It's insanity! Between stores not carrying them in my area, jerks buying out all the Jokers and sticking them on ebay and this recall, it's like a force in the universe is keeping these figs out of my hands!

Posted by illfigure
on Saturday, July 19, 2008
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Buzzy Fret -
Sunday, July 20, 2008
That is surprising. Everyone on Fwoosh is screaming because they're all sold out everywhere.

Are you sure they are the Movie Masters 6" version and not the lesser expensive 5" figures?

I found a lone Batman Begins MM figure yesterday at Target. I'll probably throw it on my trade thread because I don't care for them. Too small to display with my DCU & DCSH figures.
illfigure -
Saturday, July 19, 2008
I went around to another TRU and Target today and nothing; no MM series 1 or 2 or two-face from the crappy DK figs.

HOWEVER, a Kmart had a display at the front of the store for DK merch which was being emptied into a shopping cart and replaced with High School Musical 3 Bed Sheets... but in the shopping cart I found some MM series 1 batmans. So that's all for today, I'm still looking for MM series 1 Joker, MM series 2 anything, the crappy DK series two-face and figs from 'The BaTman' comic. Wish me luck, or not, it won't help.
lonewolf -
Saturday, July 19, 2008
I live in canada, anyone know anything about the figures coming here by any chance? I even made batmans cape and put the wire through it so its poseable, but no batman.....or joker. only those piece of shi+ tiny ones........ if anyone has any info or might know where to find some. PLEASE TELL ME!!!! thanks
Collector1 -
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Really? I have a truck load of MM Batman and Joker Thugs over at my Wal*Mart. Of course this could probably be because I live in a rather backwater area so...not suprising.
Buzzy Fret -
Saturday, July 19, 2008
This is old news. There was no recall. Some Retailers pulled stock to do safety checks of their own.

The stores here are choked with TDK, Kung Fu Panda, The Batman and Speed Racer stuff. If you can't find TDK Movie Masters figures stuff it's because all the scalpers are scooping them up and reselling them on eBay for obscene profits. I bought a TDK MM Batman when they first hit and got a TDK MM Joker via trade, didn't care for them, sold 'em as a set on eBay, loose mind you, and got almost $40 before the shipping charges.

You just gotta get to the stores early on the mornings when they're restocking.
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