Questions about torso articulation and paints.
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Questions about torso articulation and paints.

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Hey all,
I'm new here and would love to show what I'm doing (or trying to do) but I can't post images yet (?!)
So instead I figured I'd see if I can 'articulate' some questions and show nothing in return (for now anyway). Any help would be very welcome, I'm totally green at this with google being my best partner in crime so far.

1. Torso joints... I've googled all I could but I couldn't find an image that clearly shows how your average 7'' torso joint is build, and while I am close to running out, buy a figure and break in 2, I figured I could ask first.
I understand the parts needed for something like the MOTU or DCUC lines have, but I can't find anything that would help me achieve something like the Marvel Select Colossus or the newer Marvel Legends Red She Hulk have.
Is it just a simple ball joint ?
All I find online are images from larger figures with complex set ups inside that really wouldn't work.

2. Paints... After much reading I've settled for acrylics (less smell, easier to clean). The crafts store nearby has your typical FolkArt, Americana and Martha Steward acrylics which I've tried and I'm happy enough with.
I've made a test with an old figure, trying out washes, dry brushing etc and sealed it with Krylon Crystal clear coating. The results are strong enough, tough to scratch it with your finger nails, but doable.
I read about Krylon's fusion for plastic and was wondering if anyone was using that as a primer, and whether it would help at all or not if I paint with acrylics on top of it afterwards.

3. Coating... Would it make sense to spray some coating into a small container and then apply it with a brush ?
My concern being that spraying the whole figure with a clear coat makes the whole figure equally shiny. If I wanted different gloss effects for different parts (leather vs. metals) then I'm not sure what other options I'd have.
Would it work to spray one coat on everything, then use a brush to apply a different coat with a different gloss on a few parts ?

4. I really wish I could post images.

Thanks for any advice.

Posted by Strangefate
on Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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Strangefate -
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
ahh it's like a double ball joint, perfect.

Thanks for all the answers ẈĀŦƧĦĪƧ₣Ā₵Ė, that paints list is awesome, and I'll look for coats in jars too, the crafts store around here has a miniature section, think I saw some of that stuff there.

Thanks again !
pock63 -
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
I'll try to answer all of your questions in order, in response to your first question I don't know about marvel select figures in general because I don't collect many of them but at least in the case of the marvel select venom it is a simple ball joint in the torso you can see picture of it dissembled in jin saotome's tutorial for customizing the torso here-
to answer your second question I have at times sprayed a figure with krylon before I started painting it to help the paint bond but in general I think a spray on primer would be more the the way to go.
To answer your question about spraying a coating in a small container and brushing it on, that doesn't work so well if you want something to brush on then look for brush on clear coats that come in a jar,
they sell gloss, semi gloss, and flat coatings so that you don't haft to worry about the different parts having different shines. Here is a list I made of different paints, and materials that might come in handy. ... 15&t=41631
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